Only 1% of Americans Say Climate Change is the Most Important Problem

Elvis Dunderhoff didn’t attach an article to this.

Guess he didn’t have time.

Busy guy.

No link to the study, instead this really horrible meme from like, 2017:

But yeah, whatever – it’s in the headline. 1% view “climate change” as the most important issue in some poll. I don’t know what poll it is, and I’m not going to find it, because it’s not my fucking job. Elvis Dunderhoff is getting paid for this, and he’s not doing it.

If anyone wants to get paid for formatting articles, hit me up. I’m pretty much going to fire this guy, because this is now officially unbelievable. I’ve spent years sending this guy abusive messages, and I’m just exhausted. Sending this guy messages is about as useful as hitting my head against a brick wall.

He did note that Greta is pretending to have breasts, and is either wearing a padded bra or got implants.

She was 18 in these pictures (finished with puberty):

Doesn’t silicon mining heat the earth?

This was an okay meme he included. He didn’t bother to clean it up by removing that gray bar on the side. That would have taken 4 seconds he doesn’t have.

I like that he puts the tweet replies at the bottom.

I told him to do this because the memes were so consistently horrible.

Then every couple of weeks he tries to stop including the tweets, and goes back to these horrible memes.

Look at that AOC fart meme.

Who is that designed to appeal to? I think even people in their 70s, who are apparently the audience for that meme, have already seen it a morbillion times on Facebook in the last 5 years. I think a man in his 70s would look at that meme and be like “oh come on, this is old.”