Old Man’s War: World War Jones: Old Man Jones: Sandy Hoax Crisis Actor Revenge Showdown

Alex Jones is still dealing with bloodsucking Sandy Hoaxsters who are trying to suck him dry to the bone.

It’s somehow illegal to say that Sandy Hoax is not real. I don’t understand how it is illegal, but I’ll just say: I believe all of this bullshit, personally.

They’re going to strip Alex of everything.

He’s on trial now in Austin, Texas, where the court has already decided that they are going to award significant sums of money to various crisis actors. On Wednesday, the bizarrely dramatic prosecutor claimed that Alex’s lawyer had sent him a complete copy of Alex’s cellphone, which proved that Alex had committed perjury.

Hopefully that isn’t true. The only way you can get totally done-up in civil court is by committing perjury.

The media is claiming he has committed perjury. The crisis actors’ lawyer said this.

The media is now claiming the January 6 inquisition, which I guess is ongoing forever now, is going to demand the Jones phone from the crisis actors’ lawyer.

The jury is going to award these families hundreds of millions of dollars and make it impossible for Alex to operate any kind of business (at least in the United States) for the rest of his life.

Here are parts 1 and 2 of the Alex Jones testimony.