Oh Wow lol [UPDATE: That is a Colored BOY, Actually – Where are the Black Complainers???]


I have just been informed that this is a colored BOY that this woman bought and decided would be a faggot!

There are two of them!

Black BOYS that this white woman who BOUGHT THEM like SLAVES decided would be anal faggots!

This is from Wikipedia:

In April 2019, Theron revealed that Jackson, then seven years old, is a transgender girl. She said of her daughters, “They were born who they are and exactly where in the world both of them get to find themselves as they grow up, and who they want to be, is not for me to decide.”

This is, quite frankly, an outrage.

It frankly doesn’t make me outraged at her. I can’t really get outraged at women anymore. They are all a bunch of stupid bimbos who abuse children.

This is the outrage: I am outraged at black men. Black men, like that “anti-racist” guy Kunta Kinte, say that normal whites are the problem – that white men who just have jobs and act normal are somehow secretly oppressing them.

Then you have this white woman who is buying black children as pets and dressing them up like girls and telling them they are faggots.

Where are the black men to defend their own children, when they are being bought as property and then turned into faggots on purpose?

They want to blame normal Americans because 1.4% of our ancestors owned plantations with slaves – hundreds of years ago.

By the way: Snopes has an article about the 1.4% number. They admit that it is the actual number, then interview some Jew who tries to weight it in some way, mostly by claiming that if a man owned slaves his wife and children were also “slave owners,” and comes up with 7.4%.

So, okay. Take this Jew’s wacky number game at face value. It’s less than 10%.

When you then consider that this was before the Irish, Italians, Polish, and most of the Scandinavians came over – immigration waves that at least tripled and possibly quadrupled (maybe even quintupled) the number of white Americans – you get back to an even smaller number of people.

And this is assuming you are going to go along with this idea that you are responsible for your ancestors’ behavior, which is deranged. If that was acceptable, then when a man committed a crime, his children and grandchildren would face the same punishment.

This is at the same time that this bitch, right now, has two black children that she bought – and then turned into faggots.

What if I owned black slaves right now, and told them to be normal heterosexuals – which would be worse? Me or Charlize?

Seriously, ask the blacks this: is it worse to own slaves and tell them to be normal people, or to buy blacks as pets and brainwash them with homosexuality? She is going to castrate these boys. Maybe she already has.

Original article follows.

This is a paparazzi photo of that dumb bitch Charlize Theron going around the tabloids today:

Frankly, that seems to sum up all of Western society at this point. Our civilization is that waterboard, being steered by white women, with blacks riding along looking bored and ungrateful.

These white women buying these blacks as pets – how is it not called “racist” and “fetishization”?

Why are they just allowed to buy black children?