Oh, Are We Doing the Black Thing Again? I was Hoping for a Chinese Moon Base

PICTURED: Good boy who didn’t do nothing

With the “war” in the “Ukraine” wrapping up, the Jew media is going to have to push something.

I was hoping for a conspiracy where the Chinese are building a base on the Moon.

But it looks like we might get this inane black nonsense again.


Jayland Walker suffered at least 60 gunshot wounds when Akron, Ohio, police officers fatally shot him during a pursuit last week, Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said Sunday, citing a medical examiner’s report.

City officials also played police body camera footage of the shooting for the first time Sunday, nearly a week after the fatal shooting. The video raises more questions about the shooting of the unarmed Black man that is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI).

Police said the shooting occurred after Walker, 25, fled as officers tried to initiate a traffic stop for traffic and equipment violations on Monday, June 27.

After a car chase, Walker got out of his car and a foot chase took place, police said. Officers believed Walker was reaching towards his waist and they “felt that Mr. Walker had turned and was motioning and moving into a firing position,” Mylett said.

Walker, however, was not armed, Mylett said Sunday.

During the vehicle pursuit, police said, a gunshot was fired from Walker’s car, police said.

In narrated body camera video, police said that about 40 seconds after Walker drove away from police, “a sound consistent with a gunshot can be heard on the body-worn cameras of the officers.” Police also said “a flash of light” could be seen on the driver’s side of the car at the time of the sound.

“That changes the whole nature of the traffic stop,” Mylett said at the news conference Sunday. “It went from being a routine traffic stop, to now a public safety issue. And then the pursuit continued.”

A handgun and loaded magazine were found in Walker’s car after the shooting, police said, along with a gold ring.

Eight officers were “directly involved in the shooting,” Mylett said, and all have been placed on paid administrative leave, according to department policy.

The BCI, which is investigating the fatal shooting, has yet to confirm the number of times Walker was shot, Mylett said, and it’s still not known how many rounds were fired.

“However, based on the video, I anticipate that number to be high,” he said. “A lot of rounds were fired.”

Who gives a shit? If I was the cops, I would have unloaded with a machine gun after this ape fired on me from his car.

Claiming that blacks are allowed to fire on cops but cops aren’t allowed to shoot back is even more extreme than the George Floyd mania.

Mylett said officers retrieved a shell casing near the scene of the attempted traffic stop that was “consistent with the firearm that Mr. Walker had in his vehicle. The BCI will determine whether or not that casing came from the gun or not.”

He added that a traffic camera captured “what we believe to be a muzzle flash coming out of the car. Again the BCI will be determining whether or not that is the case.”

Walker died from multiple gunshot wounds to the face, abdomen and upper legs, CNN affiliate WEWS reported, citing findings by its media partner, the Akron Beacon Journal.

The Journal, which was allowed to review an investigative worksheet at the medical examiner’s office, said it “indicated that Walker was observed laying on his back and was in handcuffs when a medical examiner investigator arrived at the shooting scene.”

So, he fled the police in a car after a traffic stop, while shooting at them from the car, then got out to flee on foot, but he forgot his gun in his car in the panic of fleeing.

The cops are the bad guys for shooting him.


They are trying to make this into a new Saint Floyd.

Daily Beast calls it “sickening” and “heartbreaking.”

He was “unarmed” because he forgot his gun – which, minutes earlier, he’d been firing at the cops.

This is like satire.

How can I make satire, when this is the official narrative?

The nigga was firing shots at the cops.

At this point, I hate the cops and don’t really care if they die or go to prison. After this coronavirus thing, and then the January 6 thing, I just have zero sympathy. This is an enemy gang.

But regardless: part of their job – after hunting down whites who refuse to wear masks or complain about the 2020 election – is to play zookeeper and keep these blacks from going on rampages.