NYT Says US Running Ukraine Intelligence

This is a shock.


Ukraine had stepped up intelligence-sharing with the US in preparation for its counteroffensive against the Russian forces in the Kharkov Region, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Despite Washington providing information on Russian command posts, ammunition depots and other targets to Kiev, Ukrainian officials had been reluctant earlier in the conflict to reveal operational plans to their US counterparts, over concerns that this “could highlight weaknesses and discourage continued American support,” the newspaper claimed.

But it all changed during the summer as Kiev decided that sharing plans for its counteroffensive would, contrary to previous concerns, prompt Washington to provide Ukraine with even more assistance, unnamed senior US officials told the NYT.

This shift allowed the US to offer “better and more relevant information about Russian weaknesses,” the sources reported.

They declined to expand on how much information has been shared between the sides or on how deep the Americans have been involved in the planning of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the newspaper said.

However, one official claimed that the US had “constantly” discussed with Ukraine ways that it could blunt the Russian advance in the east of the country.

The large-scale Ukrainian offensive with the use of weapons supplied by the US and other Western nations started in the north-eastern Kharkov Region on Thursday after Kiev’s attempts to advance in other areas failed.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of its troops from the city of Izyum and some other settlements in the region, saying that these are being regrouped in order “to build up efforts in the Donetsk direction.” During the operation, it added, the military had performed what it called a “number of distracting and demonstration activities imitating the real action of troops.”

Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky celebrated the Russian retreat as a victory, but the NYT pointed out that “it is not yet clear how much broad strategic importance those gains [by Kiev] will have.”

Moscow has many times warned Washington against providing weapons and sharing intelligence data with Ukraine, saying that the US risked becoming a party to the conflict through such actions.

I don’t really even believe that the US was allowing the Ukraine to hide their failures by refusing to give over intelligence. This seems more like a NYT fantasy designed to announce a “new phase” of the war, where the US will be cooperating more closely, which probably means more US PMCs on the ground.

The interesting part is just that the US is now effectively admitting that they are a cobelligerent. Sending weapons and mercenaries is an act of war, but when you start getting into intelligence and espionage, you can’t even pretend that you’re just a supporter of the country and not an active participant in the war.

But we have to ask: who is this narrative even for? Every person I’m aware of has either gone all in on believing everything the government/media says, or they don’t believe any of it. I don’t know who these people are who are waking up every day and making decisions on whether or not to believe the government on a specific issue. Personally, I’ve only ever met people who believe the government/media and people who don’t. All of this weasel stuff seems to be overkill.

Biden tried to be honest when he said that he wanted to overthrow Putin, and then his people said he didn’t know what he was talking about.