Norway: “Conservative” Politician Wants to Flood His Country with Hong Kong Rioters

Fun fact: Norwegians are just Swedes that don’t call themselves Swedes

I’m still trying to figure out the reason why these “conservatives” call themselves conservative when they literally never conserved anything, ever.

They even failed to conserve the demographics of their countries, which you’d assume would be the absolute most basic thing to conserve.

Sputnik News:

As China researchers warned, Norway risks enraging Beijing and must reckon with a strong reaction if it chooses to proceed with proposals by the ruling party to grant asylum to demonstrators from Hong Kong.

Senior Conservative politician Michael Tetzschner has spoken out in favour of granting asylum to pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, who, he believes are in danger following China’s controversial security law. The latter has triggered a lot of international criticism.

According to Tetzschner, the first deputy chair of the Norwegian foreign affairs committee, Norway must take a tougher tone towards China and become a haven for pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong.

Yes, the evil commies from Beijing are trying to take away the Hong Kongers’ God-given right to set old people on fire.

If you can’t set people on fire for disagreeing with whatever your sociology professor told you is democratic, then you’re not living in a real democracy.

“Together with other countries, Norway should receive intellectuals and democracy activists from Hong Kong who will be granted residence on humanitarian grounds”, Tetzschner told the newspaper Aftenposten.

“We can not accept everyone, but we can cooperate with other Nordic countries and, for example, the EU on such an offer”, Tetzschner ventured.

The national-conservative Progress Party’s foreign policy spokesman Christian Tybring-Gjedde supported the idea, but only as long as it is matched by a similar cut in refugees from other countries.

The Progress Party are a supposedly right-wing party whose main purpose is to be controlled opposition and suppress any politician who doesn’t want his country invaded by foreigners, which they’ve been doing for decades, even if it clearly cost them popular support.

Their current party leader is a fat, childless 51-year-old feminist.

They’re also the most pro-Israel party in Norway.

Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr, China researcher at the University of Bergen and at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) stressed that accepting dissidents from Hong Kong will spark strong reactions from China.

“Norway must expect reactions from China if it largely follows the line that Michael Tetzschner wants, but it is not a given that will China react”, Gåsemyr mused.

The Hong Kong Security Law, passed by the Chinese National People’s Congress in late June, bans secessionist, subversive, and terrorist activities, as well as any form of foreign interference in Hong Kong. Beijing has consistently claimed that the ongoing public unrest in Hong Kong is the result of foreign interference in China’s domestic affairs. However, the law has been condemned by Western politicians, including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who ventured that it violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984. Johnson said the UK would offer a path to citizenship for Hong Kong residents and condemned China’s security law as a threat to the city’s freedom.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called the law a “grave and deeply disturbing step” and stressed that British National Overseas passport holders (close to 350,000 of Hong Kong’s population of roughly 3 million) will be able to apply for full British citizenship after five years in the UK and obtaining settled status.

Dominic Raab is a Jew.

Jew politicians are overrepresented in Britain by such a massive margin that I was kinda shocked how few of the Britcucks seem to notice.

Then, of course, I found out how overrepresented they are in the media, and I stopped being shocked all of a sudden.

Now the only thing that shocks me is how Europeans can look at how their countries used to be like within living memory…

…and compare them to how they are now, and not immediately become very, very angry.