North Carolina Police Shoot Dead a Man Who was Throwing Molotovs at the Police Station

It’s not being revealed if this is related to the Abortion Wars – however, that is the most likely explanation. It could also just be an insane person/leftist who was just doing a random terrorist attack, but even if it is “random,” the attacker still would have been a supporter of the Abortion Wars.

Obviously – it’s not a right-winger!

Despite the claims of the Jewish Attorney General, Joe Biden, and various other regime frontmen, everyone knows that right-wingers do not actually commit terrorism.

New York Post:

Cops in Raleigh, North Carolina, shot and killed a man who was throwing Molotov cocktails outside the police station Saturday, authorities said.

The incident started around 1:20 p.m. when the unidentified suspect began lighting cars on fire in the police parking lot with the incendiary weapons, officials said at a press conference.

“Commands were given to this individual to stop his actions,” Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson said.

“The individual continued to throw multiple Molotov cocktails in the parking lot and eventually towards our officers who were there.”

Four cops then opened fire on the man, shooting him “multiple times,” according to Patterson.

Officers moved the suspect away from two burning cars and tried to resuscitate him to no avail, police said.

Clearly, the man could have been identified and his social media accounts checked, his house searched, within an hour. The amazing thing is that even though it is the police who are under attack, those same police will do everything in their power to protect the attackers.

Raleigh has been a hotspot of extremist abortionist protests since the SCOTUS draft on ending Roe v. Wade was leaked a week ago.

However, the fact that the female police chief wants to release the bodycams – to throw her own officers under the bus – is proof that it wasn’t a right-winger.

Also, not releasing his name or face is proof that he was not a right-winger. It’s also unlikely that he was black, because whenever a black person is shot by the police, they immediately release his photo and talk about police racism. After all – the police were protecting cars. Is a car worth more than a human life???

Here is the Jewish (lo Latine lo Cubane) head of DHS, Alley-Handoro Mayorkas, being confronted last week about how many “white supremacists” he has referred to the DOJ for prosecution.

Mayorkas was unable to give one single example of a white supremacist extremist.

He has claimed along with Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland that right-wing whites are the greatest threat.

Tucker covered this cartoonish claim last week, showing a montage of Joe Biden saying whites are the threat.

Joe Biden last week also claimed that “this MAGA crowd” are “the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history.”

Being that this claim was specific – “MAGA crowd” – Joe Biden’s statement there is probably the most extreme partisan political statement in presidential history. When you line that up next to his nonstop claims that “white people are terrorists,” you realize that he is not talking about some kind of secret organization of neo-Nazis when he talks about white people being terrorists – he is talking simply about Trump supporters. That means that he is accusing half of the country – and the majority of its white population – of being “white supremacist terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the Abortion Rioters are openly saying they want to kill Supreme Court Justices.

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The US government is not even remotely concerned about this, and Jen Psaki effectively claimed that it was people’s right to threaten to kill SCOTUS Judges. When asked how the government felt about protesters going to the private family homes of Justices to harass them, Psaki said it was not the US government’s job to say where people protest against judges.

In fact, it is literally the US government’s job to do that, as per US federal code:

Psaki’s statements, while in the context of direct threats of assassination of these judges, are effectively condoning that type of action.

Frankly, it’s tiresome to even continue talking about this. I think everyone gets it by now.

But having these people come out and say that right-wing whites are the biggest threat, while being unable to name a threatening white, while also defending people who are threatening to kill SCOTUS judges – this may all be the level of cartoonishness you would expect, but it is so stark and extreme.