Nogger Kills His Aged Coalburner and Dumps Her Body Outside Tulsa Medical Center

Illie Roach.

At 50, this woman outlasted most mudsharks – but he got her in the end.

They always do, eventually.

News On 6:

Police have arrested a man accused of murdering a woman and leaving her body outside of the OSU Medical Center in July.

Detectives and deputies arrested 50-year-old Illie Roach Sunday afternoon on a murder warrant.

Investigators believe he murdered his significant other, Mary Sue Loving.

Loving was found dead outside the OSU Medical Center parking lot on July 29. Security officers were walking around the building and found Loving with blood on the back of her head.

They called Tulsa Police and medical staff — but Loving was already dead.

Detectives believe Roach and Loving got into an argument earlier in the week.

They say they found a pool of blood in the couple’s driveway and think Loving was killed at their home.

There were several security cameras around the hospital. Tulsa Police was able to match the car used to leave Loving in the parking lot, to the car that Roach has been driving.

Investigators say the next day — he showed up at his sister’s and looked like he’d been sleeping in the woods. He asked his family for a sandwich and a ride to his car. His sister called the police, but Roach went into hiding.

Sunday, detectives along with Tulsa County deputies, found him in Tulsa, near Turley.

Mary Sue Loving. Note the cold, lifeless eyes – a common trait among women who’ve defiled themselves by bedding down with exotic species.