Nigeria Says Only Black People on Ads

I support this, 100%.

I’m big on most African government policies from states that aren’t totally controlled by Jews, frankly. Aside from the Chinese and their Sino-Friendship group, Africans and Moslems are some of the only people behaving respectfully and honorably these days.

No wonder Africans and Moslems are joining Sino-Friendship – it’s shared values of not being cuckold faggots.


Nigerian ads will have to rely solely on local models and voiceover artists in future, the African nation’s government announced this week. The policy changes will come into force on October 1. 

All advertisements, advertising and marketing communications materials are to make use of only Nigerian models and voiceover artists,” the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) said in a statement on Tuesday. Current advertising campaigns using foreign talent will be allowed to continue but no new permits for similar campaigns will be issued by the relevant authorities, the government agency added.

The move is consistent with the government’s policy of “developing local talent, including economic growth” and supporting the local advertising industry, the statement said. Nigeria was previously heavily reliant on foreign models and voiceover specialists in its ads, including white models and voiceovers with British accents, according to The Times.

The government has been combating such tendencies for some time. It previously demanded that companies attracting foreign talent should pay a 100,000 naira (around $240) tariff for any foreign model used in an ad, the British newspaper reported.

I will say: there is nothing more jarring than seeing black people on ads in Europe or Asia, at all. There are no black people there, so why are they on the ads?

In America, it made sense to have, you know, 12% of ads feature black people. It’s a correct representation, and that’s fair enough. Black people buy things, and they probably actually waste more money on consumer products than whites.

The most famous ads from my childhood – probably the most famous ads ever, because they were so transgressive and Jewish – were Victoria’s Secret ads. They would have a team of 5 or 6 girls with one black.

And it’s like, “okay, okay – fair enough.”

However, ever since Saint George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl while getting arrested for committing a felony, everything is like, 100% black, and it is just clearly political, trying to make whites feel like they don’t exist – like they are a minority in a 95% black country.

Nigeria is a 100% black country. There are a few foreigners roaming around in the cities, but they’re a fraction of a percentage, and they don’t live there. There is no reason they should have non-blacks on ads.

I think it’s awesome they’re doing this, and I think it’s something we can point to in our own defense. Everyone has the right to control their own spaces.

America needs some kind of autonomous region for the blacks at this point, where they can run all black ads and just shoot each other and smoke crack and whatever else they do.