Nick Fuentes on RT!

I was lobbying for Nick Fuentes to go on Indian TV, and then he comes out with this – RT!

He’s done multiple interviews in the last 10 days or so, but they just keep playing these minute long segments. The latest clip has a round table where he gets more facetime. It’s about Elon Musk buying Twitter and about free speech in general.

As I’ve said: he would actually be getting more viewers on Indian TV, but RT is Russian and Russia is a better country than India, even though Indian media is much better than Russian media.

I still think Nick should start going on Indian TV. I think he would be very popular very quickly, and would end up as a regular on Arnab rapidly. Arnab has big guests, but he also just has rando millennials from Moscow who don’t really have great English and just laugh at American Jew professors spreading goofy atrocity propaganda.

Nick on Indian TV would be a lot more interesting for the fans as well.

Clips from Indian TV are always epic, and it really fits the America First vibe, I think. All Nick has to do to get on Indian TV is contact them and show he’s a public person in America, and he’d like to defend Moscow’s position. Now, of course, he can send these RT clips, and just go on immediately.