NEWS ON A PLANE: No One Can Tolerate This “Racism” Stuff Anymore

The entire plan of the Jews with this whole anti-white agenda is apparently to turn America into a powder keg.

They use the media to tell everyone whites are evil. Then they lecture everyone in school and in special diversity training at work about how evil whites are.

Then you have all the other pressures from the virus nonsense and the economic collapse.

This all builds up in the subconscious mind, an extreme form of pressure. Then you get drunk, and it comes out, and then they film you and post it all over the internet, and make an example of you, making you the global enemy.

New York Post:

A chemical engineer was fired from his job after being caught on video yelling homophobic slurs during a flight — and then repeatedly hurling the N-word after getting kicked off the plane.

Zachary Easterly was terminated by his employer, pharmaceutical and biotech company GlaxoSmithKline, after cellphone recordings surfaced showing the employee having an epic, booze-fueled meltdown shortly after boarding a flight at the Philadelphia International Airport, TMZ reported.

The first clip that TMZ obtained shows Easterly, dressed in a black T-shirt, yelling profanities while being removed from the flight.

Easterly, who is white, sarcastically remarks that he is “a white male that picked a black bag because I’m racist.”

He adds: “You’re kicking me off the plane because I’m racist.”

Easterly insists he didn’t do anything but admits that he’s “a little intoxicated.”

As flight attendants search for the unruly passenger’s bag in the overhead compartments, Easterly exclaims that his carry-on is “a better bag than most of y’all can afford.”

After being reunited with his backpack, Easterly makes his way toward the exit. On his way out, he yells that everyone on the plane is a “liberal f—-t” and expresses hope they “crash the f—ing plane.”

Just before leaving, Easterly whips around and declares that he is a chemical engineer who works for GlaxoSmithKline.

“I’m going to quit the f—ing job this week,” he says, before boasting that his soon-to-be former employer is “one of the best f—ing companies in the world.”

The incident took place aboard a flight from Philadelphia to Dallas last Tuesday. By Thursday, GlaxoSmithKline announced that Easterly had been terminated by the company.

The London-based multinational pharmaceutical giant released a statement condemning the engineer’s remarks as “reprehensible” and not reflecting the company’s culture.

Yeah, those views are definitely not representative of corporate gay culture, which is basically the same thing as Amazon’s Lord of the Rings.

But this is what every heterosexual white male is feeling – whether they know it or not, it is what is boiling up in their psyche.

We didn’t do anything, and we’ve been declared evil. Then we apologized, and they said it wasn’t good enough. We asked what would be good enough, and they said nothing. We are eternally guilty for the crime of existing.

No one can tolerate that indefinitely.

I stand with that guy who hates all those blacks and faggots on that plane.