NEWS ON A PLANE: Based Viet Punches Crabby Male Stewardess in the Back of the Head!

Male stewardesses are a plague to begin with. What is this? It’s like a male waitress at Waffle House, frankly. It’s gross.

What’s more, I’ve had enough of even these female stewardesses. They will deny you coffee as punishment for not meeting their expectations of sexual prowess – these expectations cannot be met. You could be Adonis, and it would not be enough sexual energy for the average stewardess – so no coffee for you!

Enough! Just shut up and give me my coffee, you sleazy hooker!

I will say that the only good stewardesses are the total sluts from Turkish Airlines. These are very honest sluts who just want to suck mad dick. They are friendly and will give you the required amount of coffee.

Finally, the Viets are taking action.

New York Post:

The American Airlines passenger caught on video punching a flight attendant went berserk when told to wait for coffee — and also claimed there were “10 killers on the plane,” according to officials and a witness.

Alexander Tung Cuu Le, 33, of Westminster, California, was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants for his meltdown on the plane to Los Angeles on Wednesday, officials said.

“Le exited his seat while flight attendants were conducting food and beverage service. Le grabbed one flight attendant’s left shoulder from behind and asked for coffee,” the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District in California said in a statement.

Moments later, Le allegedly grabbed both of the flight attendant’s shoulders from behind.

It’s not a “flight attendant.” This is like when the Philippines refers to hookers as “guest relations officers.” In the Philippines, “GRO” is an insult, because the government called the hookers that.

A stewardess is a stewardess, and being a man does not make you not a stewardess.

“After the flight attendant stepped back and put up a defensive posture, Le walked to the front of the airplane,” the feds said.

“Le then allegedly loitered near the first-class cabin and then sat in an unoccupied aisle near the wall dividing the first-class cabin and the main cabin of the aircraft.”

“A different flight attendant approached Le and requested that Le return to his assigned seat. Le did not comply and allegedly stood up and assumed a fighting stance towards the flight attendant by making closed fists with both of his hands,” it continued.

When the crew member went to report the disturbance to the captain, Le allegedly punched him in the head.



He was moved to a different row while his hands and legs were tied.

“Le continuously unbuckled his seatbelt, causing flight attendants to restrain him to the seat with seatbelt extenders,” the statement said.

Tying up Le? This is pure anti-gook racism. Punching male stewardesses is part of the vibrant culture of Vietnam. I’ve had enough of these anti-gook attacks from the airlines industry.

Why are the feds involved in this? They don’t do anything of value. This is what they do – they say that planes are their territory because they go between states. Local cops can obviously handle a male stewardess being punched.

The FBI is pointless and should be disbanded.