New Zealand Issues Travel Warning to US Because of Election Unrest

New Zealand writes on their official government travel website,

The United States presidential election is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3 November 2020, with an inauguration ceremony on Wednesday 20 January 2021. Political activity including rallies and protest activity can be expected in the lead up to the election and the Presidential inauguration.

Since early 2020, there have been widespread protests and demonstrations occurring around the United States. Some protests have resulted in violence and/or looting and civil unrest. Even protests or political rallies, which are intended to be peaceful, can result in violence. A strong police and/or National Guard presence can be expected at any further protests. Police measures have, at times, included the use of rubber bullets and/or pepper spray to disperse crowds.

New Zealanders in the United States are advised to avoid areas where political rallies or protest activity may occur. We recommend monitoring local media to stay up to date with developments and following any instructions issued by the local authorities, including curfews. If you find yourself in an area of protest/political activity or civil unrest, you should leave the area if it is safe to do so or remain indoors until the situation improves.

This might just be the women and pussy boys of New Zealand being hysterical.

It may also be that foreign governments are analyzing the situation developing in the US and determining that we’re on the verge of a civil war.

In related news, the Daily Stormer has issued an official travel warning regarding travel to New Zealand:

The New Zealand government is run by a woman named Jacinda Ardern. She has a sickening face that looks like a diseased horse. Many people who have seen her face too many times develop a personal psychological crisis. She puts pictures of her face everywhere in public like she’s the Ayatollah or Mussolini or something.

New Zealand has been found to bully residents into converting to Islam. If you don’t want to wear a hijab, they may try to trick you into it.

New Zealand has gone totally ape with coronavirus restrictions. It is a brutal nanny and police state, and they will bully you or arrest you if you don’t jump through all of their circus hoops.

If you visit New Zealand and some man in a hazmat suit comes to your house in a van with Jacinda Ardern’s face on the side of it and starts trying to bully you into wearing a hijab or a kufi, try to remain calm and slip out on a fishing ship to Malaysia. People in Malaysia are cool and friendly and not really very weird like New Zealanders.

Take that as you will.