New York: Memorial for Random Asian Woman Killed by Black Defiled (By Blacks)

This helpless Asian woman was stalked and stabbed to death by a violent far-right Trump supporter who blames her for the spread of the deadly Omicron virus.

Now, these Asian haters have taken it one step further, and defaced her memorial.

Is there no depths to which these white supremacists will not sink?

New York Post:

A makeshift memorial outside of slain Chinatown resident Christina Yuna Lee’s apartment building was vandalized overnight, her former landlord told The Post on Wednesday. 

The memorial, which was set up on the sidewalk in front of the building where Lee was stabbed to death over the weekend, featured flowers, candles and signs decrying anti-Asian hate, some of which were found destroyed Wednesday morning.

“This morning, the candles that we have all lit as a community for her during the vigil and we all left out here were smashed. The ‘Stop Asian Hate’ sign was torn. One sign was ripped up. I threw it away,” Brian Chin, the landlord of the Chrystie Street building where Lee was found butchered to death in her bathroom over the weekend, said Wednesday.

“I had to clean up all the shattered glass. I try to put the sign back together as best as I can … They try to desecrate her as much as they could and we as a community are beyond fed up, we are beyond angry and we are tired of being attacked,” he added. “We are tired of seeing this hatred and we are not going to stand for it anymore.”

Early Sunday morning, Assamad Nash, 25, allegedly stabbed Lee 40 times and left her to die after he forced his way into her sixth-floor apartment after she returned home from a night out.

During Nash’s arraignment Monday night, prosecutors said the attack was sexually motivated but they’re continuing to investigate to determine if race also played a role.

Oh, he’s assmad alright.

Assmad that Donald Trump lost the election to the most popular man ever in human history, Joe Biden, who won handily with 81 million votes (the most ever in any election in history).

He’s got one of the most assmad white supremacist faces I’ve ever witnessed.

Now he’s taking his white rage out on innocent Asian women.

And Nash?

He thinks he’s Nash Bridges, cleaning up this town.

He holds delusions of grandeur like all Trump supporters, and like all white extremists, he is a danger to society.

This is why we have to classify all whites as terrorists. They are racist murderers.

But Seriously

I hate “but seriously” addendums, but we seriously need one here.

There is no such thing as “Asian hate.” This is a total misnomer.

What there is is “Asian vulnerability,” which allows “black predators” to target them with ease.

This entire “Stop Asian Hate” movement is a complete fakeout by the Jew media, which apparently Asians are buying into.

Asians come from extremely high trust societies, where the concept of someone stalking and murdering a stranger is not really something that anyone ever thought about, ever. Just like all of these random punches in the face they get from black people. Asian society has none of this, and Asians have been bred over thousands of years to be cooperative and trusting in other people.

That makes them the perfect victims for blacks.

A white woman is a lot more likely to notice a shady black buck stalking her, and take precautions. An Asian woman isn’t going to think anything of it, because the idea of someone doing violence randomly to a stranger is not something that they can even comprehend as a possible thing that might happen.

All of these anti-Asian attacks are done by blacks. Literally 100% of them. I’ve gone through and shown this, and everyone knows it. So talking about “Asian hate” without talking about blacks is ridiculous and nonsensical. When you start talking about the black issue, you realize that actually, blacks probably don’t hate Asians any more than they hate white people. Most likely, they hate Asians slightly less than they hate white people. Or maybe they hate them relatively the same (who knows? Blacks are a hateful group).

So then, if extra hate isn’t the issue, why are there more attacks on Asians by blacks than on whites? The issue is obviously that Asians are easier targets, due to the above explained fact that they come from high trust societies, and don’t have hundreds of years of exposure to black people.

It’s really very simple, and it shouldn’t need to be explained.

It’s so obvious that it was a key priority of the Democrat-Jew machine to come out with this “Asian Hate” campaign to block any reasonable examination into what is actually going on. And of course they threw in this stuff about Donald Trump just to further confuse the issue.

Asians might be able to get away with saying “black.” I’m not sure. But if they’re not willing to do that, then they might as well give up, because the claim that “people in general hate Asians for no reason so they are murdering us randomly” is not ever going to get them anywhere.

Last Thing

Just to be clear – there is zero evidence that there was anything “sexual” about this attack. The police/government/media say that as part of a narrative. Because people can understand a rape-murder. People have a lot harder time understanding a random murder just for the sake of killing.

There is thus far no report that the woman was raped. The report is that he followed her and then stabbed her “over 40 times.” It was literally just a random, serial-killer type murder, because black people just like killing.

Black people just enjoy killing. That is the fact. If you go through and look at the killings of women by blacks, it’s probably only 15% of the time that they actually rape them first. But it’s always suggested that there was a rape motive, because that is more comprehensible to the public than just killing a helpless random person for literally no reason other than bloodlust.

Also, Obviously

The black had been released on bail by the new Democrat program of keeping killers on the streets.

No apologies from any of the advocates of those policies.

Instead, while she was being killed, the architects of the policies were…