New Jersey: High School Football Player Dead from Brain Trauma


New York Post:

A standout New Jersey high school football player died Wednesday as a result of an apparent traumatic brain injury suffered during a game two weeks ago, officials said.

The tragic death of Linden High School sophomore Xavier McClain, 16, was announced by Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, a close friend of the McClain family.

Xavier was injured during a Sept. 9 game against Woodbridge, taking a brutal hit as he returned a kickoff to start the second half, sources familiar with the incident told

Game footage shows an ambulance pull up on the sidelines after the crushing hit, the outlet reported.

McClain was in a coma for nearly two weeks at University Hospital, according to Armstead, who was at the game, News12 reported.

I’m not going to say it was the vax.

Wikipedia has a page devoted to American footballers who died while serving on a football team. Most of them are not from brain injuries, actually – some of them are kind of funny.

But a fair number of them are brain injuries.

This is something that happens.

I’ve never been a sports fan, actually. I tried and tried, but just never could get into it. I ended up making a point of spending time reading about sports so I could talk about them, as I decided that “I don’t follow sports” is an anti-social statement. I support pro-social behavior. Probably, knowing about sports matters a lot less now than it did 20 years ago.

There are some right-wing arguments against modern spectator sports, including that people should play the sports themselves if they’re going to watch them, and that you have a lot of fat slobs watching sports and feeling empowered by seeing a negro chuck a ball. You then have Jewish fiends like Dave Portnoy who promote problem gambling to teenagers. (As part of our march toward a utopia, the US government is legalizing sports betting.)

On the whole, however, sports are good. Even though I do not personally care about sports, I recognize them as an important part of society. They have been a part of every society, other than in Africa, where people hunted each other for sport. Sports are a kind of simulated warfare, giving people a flag to wave and soldiers to cheer in peacetime.

There have been nonstop attacks on sports, especially American football. They are trying to cockblock teenagers from playing it. This dead kid is probably going to be a big deal. As part of our quest for a utopia, it was established during the coronavirus that if a thing results in the death of even one person, that thing must be ended completely. They said that if people were allowed to leave their homes during the alleged pandemic, at least one person would die, and therefore locking people in their homes was justified. The only thing that this principle doesn’t apply to is cars and war (someone should say “if it saves even one life” we should negotiate with Russia).

You’re going to see a big push by the government and media to either just ban high schoolers from playing (which would mean they would have to wait to play in college and not ever be able to develop the skills) or to change the rules somehow (I’m not sure that would be possible). They’ve been wanting to do this for decades; you see these regular articles attacking football. They want to ban it because it’s a social activity that people enjoy and that brings people together.

I suspect we’re going to see a gun control style blitz by the media, claiming that “something must be done.”