Never Mind the Opinion Polls – Just Get Your People to the Voting Polls

With two days until the election, the media is spamming polls everywhere.

These polls make no sense. No metric other than the polls shows Joe Biden winning.

Some things about polls:

  • Any poll is going to skew left, because leftists are a lot, lot, lot more likely to have twenty minutes to speak to Reyesh at whatever random time in the day. I mean, do you take these polls? I don’t. There is no single day of the week when I can accept a phone call at random from a stranger and talk for 20 minutes. You know leftists have more time, because they have so much less going on in their lives. Those of them that do work often work at jobs that they can take a twenty minute phone call in the middle of.
  • Leftists are more likely to believe in the system and thus more likely to feel a desire to take the poll. Conservatives feel that the establishment is hostile to them and thus are less likely to feel they owe it twenty minutes.
  • Conservatives or people who vote Trump who don’t identify as conservatives understand the level of hostility in the establishment towards Trump. The Indians who do the calling are likely themselves hostile toward Trump, as he’s done so much to limit Indian immigration and Indians who work at call centers for US companies are the exact class affected by those policies. It’s hard to believe that hostility never comes through over the phone, especially when so many of the questions are worded to be hostile.
  • These polls have all kinds of questions, most of them with hostile wording. For example, when a liberal asks, “do you support Trump’s policy to forcibly separating migrant children from their parents at the border?”, a conservative would ask “do you support Obama-era policies that are designed to reduce and proven to reduce child trafficking, even if those policies may occasionally result in parents being forced to remain in detention while their children are released to family members or another caretaker?” These are the same question. But the wording is so vastly different that you’re going to get 80-20 and 20-80 on the other. Liberals are the ones writing these polling questions, and they will always ask the first version of the question, and write every other question along those lines. Saying “I support Trump” ends up being “I’m an absolute monster.”
  • Doxing! Do you remember when CNN tracked down a guy who made a WWF wrestling meme about them, and told him they were going to publish his name if they caught him making any more memes? They printed it. They said that he had apologized and said he wouldn’t make more memes, but that “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” It was an open and public blackmail threat. People said, “you openly blackmailed this man, threatening him with doxing!” to which CNN said, “We did not blackmail him with a threat of doxing. We just told him that if he continued to make memes, we would publish his name.” The only reason they would do this is to serve as a warning to others: “we are ruthless, we will hunt you down, we will punish you for supporting Donald Trump.” CNN is one of the major pollsters. Are people who could have their lives destroyed if it was published that they support Trump going to voluntarily give that information to an organization that uses support for Trump as blackmail? Probably not. If they’re smart, they won’t. Why on earth would they?
  • It’s possible that people are just lying to the pollster on purpose because they hate the media. They could also be acting sarcastic and no Indian is capable of picking up on that and noting it in the results.

So, seriously: don’t even let this get to you, or you’re going to be spending the next two days on the verge of having an aneurysm.

Here’s the polls you need to be worried about: the ones people vote at.

I Have Important Work for You (I Didn’t Publish This Earlier Because I Didn’t Want Leftists to Steal It, Now It’s Too Late, They’re Too Slow – Trump Supporters are Welcome and Encouraged to Copy This and Do Not Need to Give Me Credit)


Here are the steps for you between now and Tuesday night:

Note: This applies to all states! No copouts for red/blue states! We need the biggest possible win, and that means your vote does count! We are going for the popular vote! If anything, this job is more important if you live in a definitively blue or red state, since many people you know might not be bothering to vote. I can’t stress enough: the popular vote has never been more important, because they are going to try to steal this.


  • Right now (immediately after you finish reading this): Write down the names of everyone you know who is going to vote Donald Trump, either on paper or in a note file on your phone.
  • This list can include: any and all relatives, co-workers, friends, old friends you don’t see often now. Literally anyone you know who might be voting Trump.
  • Make sure that you have contact information for all of them, most preferably a cellphone number that you can text (except for the older people, who you might need a landline for – the older ones are especially important for this mission.)
  • Text or call them today (as soon as you’re done with the list) and make sure the contact information you have works. Just touch base, say, “I’m just reminding you to vote and seeing how you’re doing.” If you don’t reach them today, call Monday. Make sure you touch base with them before Tuesday.


  • On Monday, go buy a pack of masks and a pair of goggles.
  • Take Tuesday off work/school (you won’t be the only one).


  • First thing Tuesday morning, at 9:00, call (don’t text – call) everyone on the list and ask if they need a ride to the polls. Tell them you have masks and even googles if they want those. You never know who might be secretly worried about the virus. To the people who say they are going to drive themselves to vote, tell them you will be calling them back to make sure they did it.
  • Give the ride to anyone who requests, first thing. You yourself can vote with the first person you give a ride to.
  • At 12:00, begin the second round of calls. Call every person on the list who you did not yourself drive to the polls. If someone tells you they’ve voted, scratch them off or delete them from your list. If someone hasn’t voted, ask them again if you can give them a ride. Tell them again that it is no problem, you will pick them up. Say again that you have masks and goggles.
  • At 3:00, you do the third round of calls, going through the same process. These should be a little bit more pushy for the people who haven’t voted yet. This is after lunch time.
  • At 6:00, do the fourth round of calls, if you still have anyone on your list who hasn’t confirmed that they’ve voted. At this point, you can start to get really pushy, as most people are now already off of work. (If you are in Indiana or Kentucky, push this back to 5:00, as polls close at 6:00.)
  • If you still have anyone left on your list, an hour before the polls close in your state (full list of closing times here), give a final demanding call, ask them where they are, and tell them you will be coming to pick them up right now.


  • If you’re a nice person, you will text everyone on Wednesday and thank them for voting. God willing, you will also be congratulating them on our big win. (You can also apologize to anyone who you got really pushy with, but tell them it was necessary.)


Now, along with making your list, you need to share these instructions.

You can copy & paste all of that wherever you want.

Here’s a screenshot of the text:

And here – this is key – is a version of it you can share on social media:

A Quick Guide to Making Sure All Your Friends Vote Trump!

Again: that is a fresh, clean WordPress Blog that you can share anywhere.