Netherlands: Minister of Agriculture Resigns After Farmer Protests

I don’t wanna go full Alex Jones, but why do all these people feel the need to make that hand gesture?

At the time of writing, I couldn’t find a single video about this in English on JewTube.

I guess you can’t let the goyim know that some people did some things.


The Dutch agriculture minister has resigned amid a tumultuous summer of protests by farmers over pollution regulations.

Henk Staghouwer, who held the position for only nine months, announced his departure on Twitter.


He later told reporters that he wasn’t the right person for the job and would be resigning.

The country’s lucrative agriculture sector has been in crisis since a 2019 court ruling forced the government to slash emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce.

Thousands of agricultural workers have staged protests, blockading cities with tractors and burning hay bales along major roads.

“Farmers and fishermen need certainty about where the sector is headed so that they can invest and do business,” he said.

Staghouwer had just returned from Brussels, where he negotiated an agreement with the European Commission to scrap a Dutch exemption to manure spreading limits.

The Netherlands — along with Denmark, Ireland and the Flanders region of Belgium — are allowed by the EU to exceed caps on how much manure farmers could return to their fields.

This is due in part to the country’s comparatively small land area.

Brussels wants to phase this exception out because the Netherlands has failed to meet EU water quality standards.

Staghouwer had been tasked with transitioning the sector away from intensive farming practices and buying out farmers to reduce total emissions.

I just can’t even take the global warming stuff anymore.

With the coronavirus, at least people do get sick in real life. But this warming – who has seen this warming?

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