Netherlands: Dutch Farmers Still Going Strong, Media Mostly Silent

That’s a dungload of tractors

We’re probably not going to see a Sri Lanka style storming of the government in the Netherlands. But hey – we might!

If the media wasn’t afraid of these protests, they would be reporting on them and talking about how they were all Nazis. That’s what they did with the Canadian truckers – they said they were all anti-Semitic Nazis.


Over 100 people have been arrested by police in relation to demonstrations resisting EU green agenda plans that will see Dutch farmers lose their livelihoods.

Police in the Netherlands have reportedly arrested over 100 people in relation to protests against EU green agenda measures which will see up to 30 per cent of livestock farms in the country forced to close.

While described by the Dutch government as being part of an “unavoidable transition” towards Great Reset-style reforms mandated by bigwigs in Brussels, farmers in the country have been actively resisting the changes, blocking motorways and food distribution centres in the hopes of bringing authorities to heel.

According to a report by NOS News, police have responded to the demonstrations by cracking down on protesters, with over 100 people being arrested in relation to the anti-green agenda demonstrations in recent weeks, with hundreds more being handed fines for actions resisting the measures.

Perhaps more interestingly, the national broadcaster reported that around one-quarter of such arrests did not occur during the period when alleged offences supposedly took place, but after the events, with police taking the time to track down individual protesters, a number of whom end up being remanded in police custody for considerable periods of time.

News of the arrests follow on from violent incidents occurring between police and protesters, with law enforcement officials coming under fire for shooting at a boy, allegedly without sufficient justification, as well as beating protesters with batons at one demonstration in the country earlier this month.

Despite these police crackdowns, demonstrators in the country do not appear to be dissuaded from taking further actions against the government, with the farmer protest org Agractie calling on those in the country to ramp up the impact of demos.

“We have to persevere with our actions,” the organisation’s director, Erik Luiten, told those actively resisting the green agenda measures, aimed at reducing the amount of nitrogen pollution across the European Union.

“Whether that is a public-friendly one, as soon with the start of the Vuelta, or actions that are sharper, they have to take place,” he continued. “Sometimes with as little effort as possible, because we are all busy, but with a great effect.”

Tractors rolling into a city filled with disgusting skyscrapers is an interesting scene.

We wish the Dutch farmers the best.