NBC Wants the Goyim to Confess Their “Climate Sins”

Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

Global warmism is seriously the stupidest cult there is.

All the other ones offer some chance at redemption/paradise/something good in exchange for flogging yourself, but this one has literally nothing.

Daily Caller:

NBC News is asking Americans to confess their climate change sins, though at least some people have taken the opportunity to troll the news company.

“Even those who care deeply about the planet’s future can slip up now and then. Tell us: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change?” reads the introduction to NBC’s “Climate Confessions” project.

If any of you want to confess your “sins” or see other people’s, you can do so here.

Browsing that made me feel the urge to stuff my face with bacon.

Many of the responses appear to take the project seriously. One person confessed taking flights to see their son across the country. “I fly to see my son on the west coast. I live on the east,” reads the confession.

“I drive to work even though the bus is almost as fast. I often feel I have good excuses,” another person confessed.

“I wish I had been born a vegan and then maybe it would be easier. I can’t seem to give up meat,” another confession stated.

What does “born a vegan” even mean?

Does this guy wish he were a rabbit or something?

Speaking of rabbit, I’m gonna buy some rabbit meat later today.

One person apparently used the project to tout their virtuousness, rather than confess their climate sins. “I LOVE meat. But I love the earth more. Vegan for over 4 years now,” they wrote.

Usually, it takes 3-5 years for all the nutrient deficiencies caused by veganism to start kicking in hard, so…

…good luck with that.

Others appear to have taken the opportunity to troll NBC over the project. One such entry reads: “I require at least half a roll of TP when wiping.”

“I like my house to be 85 in the winter and 55 in the summer. Deal with it, hippies,” one person wrote. “I live on Earth, where even if we achieve carbon neutrality in the first world, that’s only 19.1% of the population,” another stated.

“I don’t do anything for the environment. I don’t care,” reads another entry. “I am eating bacon with breakfast this morning and I’ll have it again tomorrow,” another declared.

Funny how none of this is ever a problem in non-White countries, isn’t it?

It’s almost like there’s (((something))) in White countries that is constantly trying to tear us down by any means necessary.

I’m too lazy to check the Jewish involvement in this particular movement, but the overpopulation thing was pure Jewish propaganda from the get-go

And the worst thing of all is that we really could use a real natural catastrophe.

If we had some form of natural selection, most of these people would’ve died by now…