NATO Planning to Put Ukraine Woman in Charge


Please put a woman in charge.


Canadian Finance Minister and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is one of the likely candidates set to replace NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who is leaving his post next year, according to an article by CBC published on Wednesday.

Freeland, who is an ethnic Ukrainian, is yet to give any official statements on the matter. However, CBC cited “at least four different sources” who said that the official’s name had been tossed around for several months in international defense and security circles who were eyeing to replace Stoltenberg.

The term of Stoltenberg, who has headed NATO since 2014, was set to end on September 30, but it was prolonged to late 2023 amid the conflict in Ukraine.

The search for his replacement has been ongoing since the early part of 2020, according to a senior source within NATO. Freeland is reportedly around “the middle of the pack” of women who could be handed the reigns to the US-led military bloc.

We don’t need another white man running NATO.

We need diverse voices from people of color and people of bio front hole.

I would prefer NATO be run by a Somalian with a 58 IQ. But until that is on the table, I will support NATO being run by women.

(This is like some kind of joke. These people are all totally high on their own supply. Putting a Ukraine female in charge of NATO’s war machine almost seems like a joke. Maybe they won’t actually do it, I guess. But Stoltenberg is getting old, and I don’t think they can replace him with another white man. The issue with this system of lies is that so many people within the system actually believe the lies. So even when the lie is detrimental – such as “women are equal to men and therefore they are capable of running complex and important organizations” – they can’t walk it back.)