NATO Falsely Claims It is Not at War with Russia

It’s funny that NATO would say they’re not at war with Russia.

Because they are at war with Russia.


NATO is not waging war against Russia even as it supports Ukraine with large quantities of weapons to help its fight against Moscow, the chair of the NATO Military Committee Robert Bauer said on Tuesday.

During an interview with Estonian public broadcaster ERR, Bauer was asked whether the massive aid packages that Ukraine receives from NATO mean that the alliance is “at least partially” at war with Russia. Bauer, however, dismissed the notion.

“NATO is not at war with Russia. I have to state this very clearly,” he said, but added that this would be the case if Moscow attacked one of the bloc’s own members.

Bauer said the alliance is trying to make that “as clear as possible” to Russia, “that we would defend every inch of our ally’s territory” in such a scenario.

“Then [in case of an attack] there will be a conflict between Russia and NATO. But until then, NATO is not at war with Russia,” he stressed.

You can play word games, but in no other war in history has a country sent massive amounts of weaponry, money, and mercenaries to a country then ducked out and said “tehehe, we’re not with war with you tho, hehe.”

What a bunch of absolute faggots.