NATO Chief Says Russia is Trying to Completely Conquer the Ukraine – Need More Money

It is really and truly amazing that the US and NATO are not attempting to give any kind of explanation as to what their long term goals in the Ukraine are. This leads to people just taking Zelensky at face value – that Jew is saying that the goal is to take back all of the territory Russia is occupying, and then take back Crimea, which is already an established part of Russia.

That isn’t going to happen, and the Ukraine is still losing. But there are no adults in the media or Western governments to ask what the hell is going on.


Ukraine is heading for a tough winter, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned on Thursday, urging Kiev to continue fighting against Russia. Otherwise, the country may “cease to exist” as an independent nation, he said.

“If President [Vladimir] Putin and Russia stop fighting, then we will have peace. If Ukraine stops fighting, then Ukraine will cease to exist as an independent nation,” Stoltenberg told the AP on the sidelines of a US-led meeting in Ramstein, Germany that brought together foreign supporters of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg avoided giving any time frame for how long the conflict might last but said it would end at some point with negotiations. So far, however, there has been “no sign” of Moscow giving up its objectives in Ukraine, the NATO chief said.

Russia’s ultimate goal in the conflict is “taking control of Ukraine,” he claimed. “We need at least to be prepared for this winter,” Stoltenberg said, adding that the West must “continue to provide support,” including appropriate winter uniforms, generators and tents, among other things.

No, that’s –

– Damn, nigga –

– that’s not their goal, you homo.

They said their goals – their goals are to liberate the Donbass and to prevent the Ukraine from joining NATO. They have said since even before the invasion that these are their only goals, and they would pull the troops if these conditions were met.

How can he just go up there and lie like this? Surely people know what Russia’s demands are, and know that Russia said they would pull the troops as soon as these demands were met?

Well, now they’re not pulling the troops from land they already captured, because they’ve had to fight for more than six months. So yeah, they’re keeping more than the Donbass. But they will pull the rest of the troops if Zelensky just surrenders the current territory they’ve taken and agrees not to join NATO. There was NEVER and still IS NOT a goal to take the whole country.

How can NATO just lie like this?

And how is this going to continue through the winter?

Aren’t the Germans going to complain about their energy bills? What about the rest of the Europeans? Aren’t they going to protest, or something?

Is the entire European economy just going to be allowed to totally crash? How is that good for the future of the war on Russia and China (and Iran and whoever else)? How is NATO going to keep fighting all these wars when the West no longer has a functional economy?

Who is making these decisions?