NASA is Allegedly Investigating Silver Flying Saucer UFO Filmed Moving Through Electrical Storm in Spain

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

We have Silver Flying Saucer UFOs now.

The Sun:

NASA is reportedly investigating a video showing what appears to be a silver “flying saucer” darting through a deadly storm in Alicante.

Computer scientist Alejandro Molla filmed this footage during the electrical storm yesterday.

The video appears to show a silver disc moving through the clouds.

Spanish news outlet Agencia 6 (A6) says it has been inundated with requests from UFO and weather enthusiasts since sharing the clip online.

Among the interested parties is NASA, who has asked for the original footage, the news station claims.

According to A6, a similar sighting was reported by NASA in skies over Wisconsin last July.

Thunder and lightning reportedly woke Alejandro in the early hours.

He then shot the footage on his phone.

The University of Alicante then analysed the film – and spotted “something weird”, Alejandro claims.

He told A6 : “It is an honour to be able to collaborate with some images that could be the appearance of the first UFO in Alicante.”

News of the footage comes amid terrifying storms in Spain.

Strange times.

We also have radio signals from three billion light years away coming our way.

Daily Mail:

China’s largest telescope has detected more than 100 mysterious radio pulses coming from a source around three billion light years from the Earth.

The strange signals are so-called fast radio bursts — rapid pulses of energy that come from unknown but high-energy sources out in space.

Researchers at the space observatory are continuing to monitor the signals, with the hope that further analysis will indicate how these radio pulses are being generated.

The unexplained signals were detected by China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope — also known as FAST — and are currently being cross-checked and analysed, Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers report.

What if these signals are messages though?

What if they literally say “IT’S THE JEWS!“?

Earthlings, it’s the Jews!


I’m happy our UFO collection is growing.

So far we have:

The results of a poll on the matter show that the will of the people is to contact ALL the UFOs and ask them for help against the Jews.

It is a sound strategy. After all, if they didn’t want us to contact them and ask them for stuff, why would they be flying around flaunting their advanced tech and all?

Surely they could not be seen if they didn’t want to be seen, being so high-tech and all. Furthermore, the fact that they let themselves be seen can and should be interpreted as them making contact.

Imagine having to resort to flying through an electrical storm for earthlings to see you.

Since most people nowadays don’t even bother looking at the sky and have their heads buried in their smartphones even when walking down the streets, UFOs had to get creative and start flying around in situations where people are more likely to look up to the sky.

Things will get better. I mean, we’re still alive, they haven’t killed us — so how bad can they be?

Maybe they’ll donate to the Daily Stormer.