Nancy Pelosi China Invasion: As It Happened

12:21 PM

The thing is. The thing is.

Why would the US want to “defend Taiwan”? What does “defending Taiwan” even mean? Who are we defending from what – and why?

We’re trying to save the people of an island in China from communism by giving them democracy. This is our business because we are the people who decide what is right and wrong and we decided Chinese communism is wrong. So we will start a nuclear standoff with a superpower country because we really just are that moral. We are so moral that we don’t even care if everyone dies, just as long as they know how moral we are.

These people are telling you, without evidence, that they are the eternal arbiters of some kind of static, permanent moral architecture of the universe that they are still in the process of inventing.

These people say: “we are always right about everything,” and if you then ask them if they were wrong 5 years ago when they weren’t dressing little boys up like girls, injecting them with hormones, and cutting their dicks off, they will tell you “we were never wrong – we just continue to get more right.”

Just try to listen to these people. When they are telling you about how there is a fixed moral order that they alone define and which is also constantly changing – “democracy” – they will say “we just keep getting more right everyday.”

Now, you’re dressing prepubescent boys up as girls and having them do sex dances for adult homosexual men. So if you just keep getting more correct in your morality, where will you be in five years? Where in ten?


  • The concept of declaring yourself arbiters of an eternal and universal global morality is totally insane. (Not even religions do that. At least not to the extent that they say they have a right to just go around bullying everyone on earth into accepting their beliefs. Well, I guess Islamic terrorists do do that. But no one else does.)
  • If there was an actual universal global morality, it couldn’t constantly be changing.
  • This is all totally fake gibberish that no one takes seriously other than some small group of people who think the world is actually Marvel Comics movies. The other people supporting it either don’t understand what is actually going on, and think that China and Russia are planning to attack America, or they are vicious homosexuals and Jews.

I will say – starting a fight with China is a sort of funny way to get the fact that you lost a war with Russia out of the media. That is funny. I think someone has to be laughing about that one.

“The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards your chopping your son’s dick off” is not a real belief system.

These people are lying to you on purpose in the most absurd possible ways – just really ridiculous stuff like trannies – and using these lies to get you to do things.

12:29 PM

12:13 PM

11:41 AM


Nancy the fag-hag has landed.

The old bat is going to meet with the terrorist leader of the “Taiwan independence movement,” who claims without evidence that Taiwan is somehow a separate country than China.

The Pelosi landing is similar to the US forces landing at the Beaches of Normandy to try to kill Adolf Hitler for no reason. Many are making this same comparison, I have noticed.

I’m a bit surprised Beijing didn’t send a team to intercept Pelosi’s flight. But I don’t know why I’m surprised. They have millions of different ways to punish the US for this ridiculous “Secret Invasion” fag-hag stunt.

I’m not really surprised that Nancy didn’t announce the Taiwan visit and then went anyway. Or at least, I shouldn’t be surprised. This is a joke government. It’s like Roger Rabbit, watching these people interact in the real world.

For anyone who doesn’t know: doing a secret invasion as part of a public diplomatic tour promoting a war is not at all normal. If they really wanted to send Nancy to invade, they could have just announced it. Instead, they refused to announce it – then sent her jet on a bizarre course, flying all the way around the Philippines for no reason.

I’ve never seen anything remotely similar to this situation. These people just invent new confounding behavior patterns daily.

No good. No good.

10:24 AM

Nancy Pelosi continues to threaten to invade China for no reason.

This secret surprise invasion is absurd. It is very obvious, as the Chinese say, that the US is purposefully trying to provoke an incident.

And secret surprise visit for no reason can’t even pretend to not be a provocation. This is not normal diplomacy. They keep saying “well, Newt Gingrich went 25 years ago to Taiwan!” and it’s like, okay, well, firstly, that was 25 years ago. Secondly, he didn’t loom over the entirety of Asia and refuse to say where he was going like it was some kind of kiddie game.

This is a totally strange action.

China does not appear to be joking around.

At time of writing, the plane is on path to Taiwan, after having driven all the way around the Philippines to… build tension?

She literally took this path to build tension.

We say “she.” Obviously, this isn’t her idea. The media is making like it is her idea, and the Bidens are saying they’re against it.

It’s all so very goofy.