MSNBC Defends the Black Who Wished the Queen an “Excruciating” Painful Death

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After the Queen died, a fat black parasite tweeted the following:

The tweet was so vile that even Jeff Bezos denounced it.

Twitter apparently deleted the hate tweet after Bezos made it go viral.

That nasty ape in question, Uju Anya, is apparently a university professor. Because of course she is. Normal black people don’t know who the Queen is and don’t care.

The university she works for, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon, released the following statement about the tweet:

We do not condone the offensive and objectionable messages posted by Uju Anya today on her personal social media account. Free expression is core to the mission of higher education, however, the views she shared absolutely do not represent the values of the institution, nor the standards of discourse we seek to foster.

The university has implied they will do nothing to punish her.

MSNBC then ran this headline:

That is still up on MSN, but they’ve since changed it on their own page to this:

The argument, made by one Zeeshan Aleem, another mutant ape, was this:

Universities almost never issue statements like this because the very premise of a university is to serve as a bastion of independent thinking and provide a forum for intellectual free-for-alls. A university would never be presumed to endorse any of its scholars’ individual beliefs, which is key for academia as a space for provocation to thrive. So in effect, this statement was a condemnation and implicitly a signal to other academics at the university that they should watch their mouth on certain matters. While the motivation behind the unusual statement is unclear, it underscores how vulnerable public intellectuals are to controversy-driven social media pile-ons.

The article then gives a basic bitch explanation of how university free speech allegedly works.

I might actually side with these hate-filled apes, in some other universe. But we don’t live in another universe. We live in this universe, where conservatives and right-wingers have been hounded out of universities for decades.

All the way back in 2008, UC Long Beach issued a very long statement denouncing Professor Kevin MacDonald, who wrote about the Jews. MacDonald never wished a painful death upon anyone, and was in fact totally normal.

Part of the statement reads:

The Department of Psychology regards it as deeply unethical that any faculty member knowingly allow his/her work to be used to support groups that disseminate views of racial/ethnic superiority and/or racial/ethnic hatred. Moreover, in accordance with the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, we expect faculty to take all reasonable steps to prevent the misuse or misrepresentation of their work. We are concerned that psychological research has been used in the past in intellectually unjustifiable and socially harmful ways, such as limiting immigration of certain groups or justifying unequal opportunities in education and employment. We wish to make it clear that these uses are distortions of scholarship in the field.

All he did was write about racial differences, and they basically accused him of trying to start another Holocaust all over again.

You could find hundreds of cases right-wing professors who publish works that Jews don’t like, or make public statements Jews don’t like, being reprimanded by universities all over the West.

While the university denounced him, MacDonald, like Anya, was never fired.

However, people who are right-wing, or who aren’t even right-wing but breached the shifting iron law of Jewish normalcy, have been repeatedly fired.

For example, Georgetown’s Sandra Sellers was fired for making these very factual statements about the blacks – in a private conversation:

The video was recorded during coronavirus when there was all this Zoom stuff going on. All she did was tell a fellow professor that the blacks are at the bottom of the class, which is an absolutely factual matter. She is presumably a standard white female liberal, and says she’s bothered by the fact blacks perform so poorly in her classes.

This is the call to arms that got her fired:

So, just compare that private conversation, where a white stated a fact, with the public statements of the hate-filled black saying Queen Elizabeth should suffer in death because she’s white.

I’d be all aboard having a real policy of academic freedom. But in the MSNBC article, the writer acts as though reprimand – and more recently, actual firing – is not something that happens all the time to white people. So it’s just a totally dishonest conversation. It’s a hoax. If you simply omit that this happens to whites all the time, and has been happening for at least 15 years, you’re not actually promoting an absolutist form of academic freedom.

Also, I must say the truth: if you had a society that honored academic freedom, Uju Anya would not be employed at a university, because the kind of society that honors academic freedom is the kind of society that also promotes merit. If there were anywhere in the world a black woman who could be hired at a university on merit, she would not be posting anti-white death statements on Twitter.

That’s what’s so infuriating about these blacks: everything they have, they got from us. This is what Uju Anya would have been doing on September 8, 2022, if it were not for white people:

I don’t say this to be mean – that’s just true. Everything that the blacks have they got from whites.

Whites tend to be very generous, and there isn’t anything wrong with helping the blacks. But they are so ungrateful, it is simply unreasonable to continue helping them.

This woman Uju is complaining that she was taken out of Africa by British colonists – or whatever. This was what she tweeted before the death tweet:

The British didn’t do any genocides or massacres. The British Empire was benign.

I looked it up, and found that she is an Igbo – which figures. She is allegedly talking about the Biafran War, which is very specific. The British supported the Nigerian government, and the civilized northerners allegedly pogromed some Igbo, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anything at all.

But it’s not about the Biafran War. It’s about Queen Elizabeth being a symbol of whiteness, something that “educated” black people hate.

It’s really the fault of the Jews, frankly.