Most British Pubs on the Brink of Going Out of Business to Save Ukraine Anal Rimjobs for Kids

Pubs are the only form of authentic culture left in a country that was already rotting from the inside

Everyone being poor and everything going out of business is a small price to pay for Democracy in the Ukraine – says Zelensky.

Zelensky is continuing to demand more and more free money from Europe, while the Washington-organized sanctions – which have been very good for Russia and China, by the way – are crushing life in Europe.

I don’t think people understand how bad it is. In Germany, energy costs are up 700%.

In the UK, only 300% – but that still means the pubs are going to have to shut down.


The over 300% surge in energy prices could force pubs and brewers across the UK out of business in the coming months, industry leaders have warned, as cited by Sky News on Tuesday.

According to the report, the bosses of six of the UK’s largest pub and brewing companies have sent an open letter to the government urging it to act in order to avoid “real and serious irreversible” damage to the sector.

Greene King, JW Lees, Carlsberg Marston’s, Admiral Taverns, Drake & Morgan, and St Austell Brewery are seeking extra help for the industry, Sky reports.

Unlike households, Britain’s businesses operate without any sort of regulated price cap. Some pub owners complain that they are struggling to even find suppliers willing to provide them with power when the time comes for contract renewals.

“While the government has introduced measures to help households cope with this spike in prices, businesses are having to face this alone, and it is only going to get worse come the autumn,” the CEO of Greene King, Nick Mackenzie, told Sky News, noting that one tenant’s energy bill had jumped to £33,000 (just over $38,000) for the year.

All of Europe is being driven into poverty over this bizarre Russia hoax – which again, it must be remembered, is not even bad for Russia. It has helped the Russian economy. So the things that these people believe are completely wrong, and proved to be wrong. They thought sanctions would collapse the Russian economy, instead they’ve collapsed the European economy and will collapse the American economy.

How are you going to fight a war with Russia and China when you’ve destroyed your own economies?

It doesn’t even make any basic sense.

The Germans laughed when Donald Trump told them they were completely dependent on Russian oil.

How did the Germans not know that the Democrats were going to start a war with Russia? They had been threatening it for years. Hillary Clinton campaigned on shooting down Russian jets in Syria to protect ISIS.

This was obviously all coming. I was saying in 2019 that if the Democrats took over they were going to go back to war with China, Russia, and Iran. I was saying that in the context of the fact there was no way they were going to let Bernie Sanders win the nomination. Then when Biden stole the nomination, and stole the office, I was saying that Russia was the logical first target.

I’m not saying “I was right” to brag like I usually do. I’m saying: if I could figure this out, how could they not figure it out? I might be a genius, but I’m one guy with a laptop and no insider information.

You can say “oh well, it’s the Great Reset and they want everyone to be poor.” Okay well, then why are they reopening coal power plants? Yeah, they want everyone to be poor, but it is pointless if everyone is poor and they lose to Russia and China because they have no economy.

I saw Tucker Carlson, maybe last week, asking Doug MacGregor about this, and he was like “I don’t understand how this makes sense unless the West is trying to transfer all global power to the Chinese.” And it’s like yeah, you’re getting closer – but why would they literally want to give power to the Chinese? That makes zero sense.

It makes a lot more sense that they’ve become totally unhinged, and they just don’t really know what the hell is even going on. There are many obvious signs of this.