Mossad Flies in to Give Instructions to Biden Government

The Iran nuclear deal doesn’t really matter either way. Israel is intent on war regardless, as it’s already clear that a color revolution is impossible.

But it’s funny that the head of the Mossad is flying in and telling American national security officials what to do.


Mossad chief David Barnea warned his US counterparts against joining a restored nuclear deal with Iran, Israel revealed on Thursday, after the spy chief returned from Washington. During his trip, he met with the heads of the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as senior State Department officials.

Barnea showed the intel chiefs “sensitive intelligence materials” and made it clear that “Israel will not be able to stand idly by while Iran continues to deceive the world,” according to a statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. The Americans reassured him that the US remained “committed to the security of the State of Israel,” however.

“The Americans emphasized that they will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon and that they will continue to act in full cooperation with the State of Israel with regards to regional issues in the Middle East concerning the security of the State of Israel,” the statement continued.

While National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed meeting with Barnea, he declined to provide any details, merely stating that the pair had discussed “a range of global and regional issues” and claiming the meeting had been set for some time. Israeli officials have been spending more time with their US and European counterparts, seeking to head off the revived agreement.

It’s hard to believe that there is actually tension between the Biden Administration and Israel.

Those Biden people have chosen to fight wars against Russia and the domestic American population instead of Iran – for now. But war with Iran is still very much on the table, and will clearly be part of a larger East v. West war, involving the US trying to destroy Russia and China.

Frankly, however, it’s looking like that big war might not ever get off the ground. If Israel thought the US was going to break, they would try to rush this war with Iran before that happens. Israel doesn’t necessarily want a ground war with Iran anyway, they just want to bomb it into oblivion.

The only relevance of the nuclear deal is that if the Biden people did that, it might speed up Israel’s attack on Iran. The US is committed to helping Israel if they start that war. One would assume this is what the Mossad told the Bidens.