More Money for the Ukraine? More Money for the Ukraine, Baby.

If there’s one thing the Jews always need, it’s more money.

The Jews in the Ukraine are an exception, as they need 2 or 3 times as much money as other Jews, because they are doing democracy so hard their eyes are bulging out of their heads.


The Pentagon is set to announce on Thursday new weapon transfers to Ukraine worth $675 million, a US official told the Washington Post on condition of anonymity.

The shipments will include more rounds for the US-made multiple launch rocket systems that Ukraine has already received from the US and UK, the report said. The package also includes vehicles and equipment for soldiers, the source added.

Last week, the White House asked the Congress to allocate an additional $11.7 billion to fund military assistance for Ukraine, including $4.5 billion for arms and equipment acquisitions.

The US has been the biggest sponsor of the Ukrainian military amid the conflict with Russia. Among the heavy weapons sent to Kiev by the Pentagon are High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), M777 howitzers, and combat drones.

The Ukraine is a bottomless pit – you can throw infinite money into it, and it just keeps sucking.

The good news is, America is a bottomless pit of infinite money. It is a reverse black hole of money. The people in this country work for the purpose of giving money to Jews. America exists to pay for the Jews.

Nancy Pelosi said it well in relation to paying the Jews or Israel. She said even if America crumbles to the ground, we will still be sending money to Israel.

But that goes double for the Ukraine, because of their fundamental nature as a double democracy.

As far as the point of even reporting on “oh yes, more money for the Ukraine” – I just want you people to understand that this is not ending any time soon. The US is committed to fighting to the last Ukrainian in this stupid fake war that the Ukraine people don’t have anything to do with but for some reason are willing to go along with.

There are no plans at all, other than to just keep dumping money into the conflict.

If this was actually about destroying Russia, they would withdraw the sanctions that have been so good for Russia’s economy, and then end this war. But of course, that would also be good for Russia, just not as good. But maybe it would be better – there is some evidence that the Russian people are starting to get frustrated with how long the conflict is taking.

Either way, the series of decisions that led up to this was so bad that there really is no good option. I can’t believe they are still going to keep it going while Germans freeze to death, but they apparently are doing that.