Modern-Day Patroclus Slain in Boxing Ring by Albanian

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

History repeats itself.  There is an undeniable element of Greek tragedy in this story.


Bulgarian boxer Boris Stanchov has died while competing under his cousin’s name and license, it has emerged, after it was widely reported that it was his relative Isus Velichkov who had tragically passed away in the ring.

Stanchov died while facing featherweight Ardit Murja in Albania on Saturday night, reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest in the fifth round.

It was initially reported that his cousin, 21-year-old Velichkov, had been fighting as the bout was in his name and his license and medical records were said to have been submitted.

But reports in Albania and elsewhere have revealed that Stanchov was in the ring, supposedly fighting under his cousin’s name for some time in order to build up experience and avoid adding any losses to his name.

“He has been playing with my card since 2018. He said no problem, the coach knows,” Velichkov later came forward to reveal.

A modern-day Patroclus if ever there was one:

In the Illiad, Patroclus put on the armor of his cousin Achilles and took on Hector, only to be slain.

The rest of the Illiad is about how Achilles vows revenge on Hector and defeats him in a duel outside of the city of Troy.

But that was then, and this is now. Who knows how this story will end?

I, for one, want to see Isus Stanchov vow to defeat the perfidious Albanian. 

If he does, he will be officially made the Hero of the White Race.

We’re going to have to keep an eye on this developing story because we need to bring vendettas back into vogue. Someone kills your cousin/brother/father? That means it’s time to go raze their city to the ground and defeat them in single combat for all to see.

The White Race needs new heroes, and this man has been given the chance to rise to the occasion. Fate has chosen him. I just feel it.

We must lend Isus Stanchov our strength!