Mitch McConnell is Actively Trying to Sabotage Blake Masters in Arizona

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is an absolute piece of shit. He supported the election hoax, which is the single worst possible thing a Republican could ever do – and he’s done everything else as well.

He’s really an agent of the Democrats, working as false opposition while doing everything he can to forward the Democrat agenda.

He just pulled funding from Blake Masters’s Arizona Senate campaign, despite the fact that Masters easily can win the race and flip the Senate for Republicans.

This is beyond the pale. There is no possible justification for this. McConnell is doing this because he does not want populists in the Senate, because populists would overthrow the neocon shills currently controlling it.

From Fox News last Friday:

A prominent Republican super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is canceling nearly $10 million in advertisement spending in Arizona and Alaska.

The Senate Leadership Fund is cutting about $8 million in ads from the Arizona Senate race in which GOP candidate Blake Masters is hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly. The ads were supposed to begin after Labor Day, but will now kick off in early October.

Republicans only need a net gain of one Senate seat to flip the upper chamber. In addition to Arizona, November’s elections will feature some other crucial Senate races, including in Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

But Republicans are trailing in the polls to Democrats in some key battleground states, including Masters in Arizona.

McConnell is pulling the same trick with JD Vance in Ohio. Vance needs the money less, but still. McConnell hates these people that he views as a threat to his leadership, because he knows they are coming in with an agenda that is actually popular. Mitch McConnell is one of the single least popular people in America and presumably in the whole world. He is just a complete shill.

This week, the Washington Post published an article claiming to have the inside baseball on the story, framing it as a battle over McConnell trying to force Peter Thiel to fund Blake Masters’s campaign so McConnell can fund other campaigns.

Well into the body of the article, however, some of the truth slips out.

McConnell previously expressed dissatisfaction with Thiel’s move to bankroll independent super PACs backing Vance and Masters, telling the billionaire investor last year that his money would go further if he gave it to the Senate Leadership Fund, which “can put some real lead on the target,” recalled a person familiar with the exchange.

In last week’s call with McConnell, Thiel argued that Vance and Masters have not criticized the Republican leader, unlike other GOP primary candidates, which drew a dissent. “That’s not true at all,” McConnell replied, according to a person with knowledge of his comments, though he added, “I’m not into revenge. That’s Mr. Trump.”

During his primary, Masters called for McConnell to be replaced as GOP leader, expressing his support for Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). “I’ll tell Mitch this to his face,” Masters said during a debate in June. “He’s not bad at everything. He’s good at judges. He’s good at blocking Democrats. You know what he’s not good at? Legislating.” Vance has also offered a dim view of McConnell, calling him “a little out of touch with the base” and saying it was time for “new blood.”

Why does it matter if they criticized him? How does McConnell even have this power? Who put him in charge?

He doesn’t line up with the GOP voting base on anything at all. He is a liberal at best, just based on his record.

Arizona is the single most obvious place to pick up a Senate seat, but McConnell would rather his party lose than he lose personal power.

He’s 80 years old, so one would have to wonder why this even matters to him at all. Probably, he is on video tape doing some very bad things. I would just assume that.

By the way, I have chosen not to endorse Masters, due to his offensive pro-condom positions. I have instead officially endorsed Ali Jamal, who is running as an independent in Arizona.

In fact, we are running an ad against Blake Masters.

However, I would prefer Masters win than the Democrat.