Missouri: Awesome Radio Host Shuts Down Fat, Stupid Bitch Co-Host

A hilarious guy, a radio host named Vic Faust out of Missouri, shut a bitch down this week.

She’s literally a stupid bitch. You can hear what a dumb fat whore she is in that clip.

But the media is of course defending her. They’re claiming this is “sexism,” but she actually is a fat bitch.

She has the ugliest face.

These media Jews say that you have to respect fat, ugly, stupid women – and if you don’t it’s sexist.

No one is compelled to respect fat, ugly, stupid men. Everyone says that, but it’s true. What everyone doesn’t say is that modern feminism still uses all of the trappings of women’s historical protections. Before feminism, women had special protections because they were not equal in society. Now they have “equal rights,” but use their status as women to claim they are protected from all criticism.

They are invincible monsters, having total power and zero responsibility. And if you ever criticize them, you get destroyed like this guy in Missouri who only asked the bitch to stop being such an aggressive fat retard.

The Ukraine people are on it.

These Ukraine people are everywhere, supporting every single thing I hate – including and especially women and homosexuals.