Milwaukee: Stampede After Blacks Shoot Up the Street Outside Sports Match

If you want black people to stop doing things like this, you need to be nicer to them. They only do this because their feelings are hurt by mean white people.

You can start by abolishing the police.

Fox News:

A Milwaukee shooting left at least two people with gunshot wounds Friday evening and sent others fleeing after near the Bucks-Celtics basketball game, according to reports.

“Everybody started running,” witness Brittany Bergstrom, who was at a nearby restaurant, told FOX 6 in Milwaukee. “There was a stampede, people running over the shrubs, hats shoes on the ground, drinks spilled everywhere.”

She said her boyfriend pulled her behind a brick wall, “and if he wouldn’t have this outcome would be a lot different. And that’s all I know and everybody took off running and I just kept running.”

No, nothing would have been different.

Blacks virtually never kill anyone in these mass shootings. They don’t aim, and they run out of bullets very quickly. You are much more likely to die from being trampled than from a bullet fired by a black person.

You’re also more likely to die from rubbing your temples in exhaustion thinking about the endless black behaviors in America.