Michelle Malkin is MY MOMMY and How Dare You Talk to Her!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2019

Michelle Malkin was fired from Young America’s Foundation (YAS) over the weekend for supporting Nick Fuentes. She is being attacked and condemned as a white supremacist race hater Holocaust denier anti-Semite.

She is pretty well blacklisted totally, but she appeared on a local talk radio show on Tuesday to explain the details of the situation.

She said of our Supreme Leader and his Glorious Crusade:

So who is Nick Fuentes? He’s a 21-year-old Boston University dropout who’s become very popular on the internet, has a lot of young fans and young followers who are new to the America First movement. And he has become a target because he urged a lot of his young followers, people who watch him on social media, who read his work, to show up at conservative events and ask the very kind of tough questions that I have been asking for 25 plus years.

This has caused a lot of disruption and in fact a lot of the people who have called him the same names that they are calling me have not bothered to watch any more than a few clips of him that are circulated by left-wing hit men from Media Matters who have accused me of being quote “an anti-Semite,” even though I’m married to the great-grandson of Ukrainian Jews who came here to escape the pogroms. I’ve been called a white supremacist, as you’ve mentioned, as has he.

From what I’ve listened to and watched of him for hours and hours and hours now, that is not what I’ve seen and unlike a lot of the people who are just circulating these smears, I’ve actually been on college campuses, and met many of the kids, I’ve talked to many of the kids, who asked uncomfortable questions at these events, where they challenged Republicans like Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw and Ben Shapiro about the very apocalyptic numbers that we are seeing now, the demographic conquest that is happening that I’ve been warning about for 25+ years, as a result of mass, uncontrolled migration.

So I was blacklisted from YAS for two speeches I gave that anybody can read online the entire transcripts and the entire videos are on there and I dare any one of the people who are accusing me of hatred, of bigotry, of hating Jews, of hating immigrants, to quote me one line – not only in those two speeches, but in my entire 25 plus career – of saying any of the things that people are calling me now.

I support the kids who ask these questions that need to be asked that the establishment and the Republican party doesn’t want to be asked, and I’m not going to disavow anybody.

What’s happened is they’re being shut down. The entire – every single last one of these young men, many of whom I’ve been in contact with, on campuses at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Ohio State University, Texas A&M, Arizona State University – these are good kids. And rather than spurn them, rather than ostracize them, rather than smear them without knowing anything about their background, these are exactly the kind of patriotic kids we should be welcoming, and they know way more about immigration than the people who have been designated leaders to advocate for open borders.


This is exactly perfect.

This is precisely what we were looking for and what we needed. She is a mainstream figure who is putting everything on the line for us. She is making it so they cannot simply shut us up. They all look insane calling her a white supremacist.

And they don’t believe it. Everyone knows that they don’t believe it. All it is is a demand that she bow down to the masters – disavow Nick Fuentes and apologize, or face being called mean names forever, face being blacklisted forever.

And she is telling them a word that they have never heard before:

They cannot do anything at all but lash out in this irate, manic, insane way against her. And if she doesn’t cuck, then what can they do? What are even their options?

Their decision as it stands right now is to just keep calling her names.

Ultimo-cuck David French of the National Review – who literally looks like one of the worm creatures from The Little Mermaid – was just out there doing it.

And she told him he’s an SPLC shill and he needs to stop talking to her kids.

Nick also told the worm creature not to talk to our mommy that way.

“Out of touch” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

These people’s minds are going orbital.

They built an entire empire of lies and evil, and were going to sit pretty and rich atop the corpse of this country – and they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that Filipina mommy of theirs!

And bro.

She’s not just talking about immigration.

She went to war with Dan Crenshaw over his insane “no free speech for those who question infinity billions to Israel” agenda.

And she’s sticking to that.

She’s fighting SPLC shills.

She’s pointing out that all of these people are parroting the George Soros shill Jared Holt.

We probably would have expected that it would be Ann playing this role. Michelle just kind of popped up out of nowhere – and rolled in with a tank.

This all may seem weird and unexpected and sort of confusing.

But I will tell you two things, my dearest brothers in arms:

  1. God moves in a mysterious way
  2. The Lord will provide

That is all you need to understand right now.

The weirder the path to victory, the more you can be certain that only God could have made it happen.

Continue doing what you know is right, continue to follow God, and victory will be ours.

We are fallen men, huddled in the broken ruins of the glorious civilization God gave our ancestors.

But Christ is risen, His Kingdom is in Heaven and everything beneath it belongs to Him.

It is His will that will be done.

If He has given it unto us to shake the earth, then shake it shall.