Mexican Witch Hunt: Mexican Takes Down Mexican Witch in New York!

Cast a spell on these bullets, bitch!

New York Post:

It was a fate she couldn’t predict.

The 51-year-old Queens woman gunned down in her own home was a tarot card reader — and cops believe she was killed by a disgruntled customer who thought the “witch” had cursed him, sources told The Post Thursday.

Giuseppe Canzani, 41, allegedly admitted to shooting Anna Torres after she’d answered the door to her Ozone Park home around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday “because she was a witch,” according to sources.

Canzani believed the clairvoyant — who did fortune and tarot card readings out of her home — had cast a spell on him and cursed him, one source said.

“Yeah, that’s the woman I shot,” Canzani allegedly told detectives at the 106th Precinct station house about one hour after the fatal shooting at the home on 109th Avenue. “They tried to kill me.”

“If I tell you what’s going on with me, you wouldn’t believe it,” he allegedly said. “Not for nothing, I am supposed to be dead already, that’s all I know. This woman, you guys will never understand. You would think I’m crazy.”

Torres, the mother of an NYPD cop, had gotten into a huge fight with a client known as “Joey” sometime prior to the deadly confrontation, her daughter told investigators.

I don’t actually think he’s crazy.

I can believe if you go to visit a witch, and submit yourself to her, you open yourself up to being cursed by her. This guy’s first mistake was visiting a witch in the first place.

Remember when King Saul went to the Witch of Endor to summon up the spirit of the Prophet Samuel to give him advice on how to defeat the Philistines. Through the divination, Samuel shows up and dooms the King. The next day, Saul is defeated by the Philistines and commits ritual suicide with his own sword.

It is generally interpreted that the defeat was a punishment for seeking out the witch. Therefore, it’s not just a lesson about witchcraft, but a lesson about getting into trouble and then using immoral means to try to get out of the trouble, rather than waiting on God to assist you. However, witchcraft is much worse than anything else you could turn to in a situation where you are impatient for God to assist you.

I’m sure that this Mexican going to prison for the rest of his life is a lot worse of an outcome than whatever it was he originally visited the witch to help him with.

In Mexico, of course, visiting witches is common practice. Also, if you kill a witch, the local authorities are much more likely to help you cover it up if you claim you only killed the witch because she cursed you.