Mexican Smugglers Cut Truck-Sized Hole Through Artistically Designed Steel Slats, Drive Through It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

This is presumably one of the reasons why the Jews built a concrete wall instead of artistically designed steel slats.

Sacramento Bee:

Sixteen people were arrested Wednesday in what federal officials described as a “brazen” smuggling attempt that involved cutting a section of the border wall in Southern California.

A white Dodge utility truck drove across the United States-Mexico border around 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday after human smugglers cut a hole in the “old landing mat border wall” near Campo, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said in a news release on Thursday.

Then, around 4 p.m., agents spotted a man with a truck that matched that description using bolt cutters to cut a lock on a local’s private gate, according to federal officials.

“Agents activated their emergency lights and siren to stop the suspect vehicle, but the driver refused to yield and fled,” border agents said.

It’s funny that the news has capitulated to calling this shitty fence a wall – even in the context of it being cut through like a fence.

Even Trump accidentally admitted that artistically designed steel slats are not the same thing as a wall.

Easily see through it, easily drive a truck through it, whatever.

Never forget that Donald Trump was elected on a platform that included building an “Israel style” wall.

He was also elected on a plan to round-up every single Mexican and deport them, block all Moslems from entering America, cut all foreign aid, including to Israel, end all the wars and a bunch of other things.

It’s important to remember that, if only to remember that that is what the people wanted, that is what we voted for in the “democratic process.”

Regardless of what Charlie Kirk tells you, we did not vote for the lowest black unemployment, the most female-owned businesses, the most legal immigrants ever (the RAISE Act), or gay sex in Africa.

If Trump would have campaigned on the most legal immigrants ever and gay sex in Africa, he would have never even made it into the debates.

Like seriously.

Imagine that if at his announcement speech at Trump Tower, instead of talking about how Mexicans are rapists and need to be stopped, he’d talked about how African governments are homophobic and need to be stopped.

So realize: whatever a wignat fednigger tells you, the American people are not hopeless. Normies are not evil, and they are not stupid. Normies wanted what we wanted, and we all got screwed together.


This photograph is floating around as the photo of the “wall” that was cut through:

If this actually is the picture of the recent event (I can’t figure out if it is), then that is not in fact Trump’s artistically designed steel slats, but part of an older fence.

It doesn’t really matter though. Because you could cut through the artistically designed steel slats in a matter of minutes with a couple of high-powered saws.

It also doesn’t really matter because in most places along the border, you can still just walk across, because most of it doesn’t have one of these shitty fences or a slightly better artistically designed steel slat fence.