Memphis: Video Emerges Showing Blacks Threatening to Kill White Grandmas

Following the anti-white mass shooting by a black male in Memphis, Tennessee this week, Memphis police are looking for blacks pictured in a video saying they are going to kill white people.

The video apparently originates from Facebook, and shows multiple black males in a car talking about the recent black on white murder of Eliza Fletcher. The blacks also talk about the mass shooter, Ezekiel Kelly, saying “he already shot a white hoe, man, I’m fixing to shoot a white old lady, while her grandkids [are] in the car.”

What we appear to be witnessing here is blacks seeing other blacks killing whites, and realizing “hey – we can also kill whites.” This is something I’ve been warning about since the George Floyd riots – I said, over and over again, that eventually, blacks were going to get it into their minds collectively that it is okay to kill whites, and then a wave of black on white murder will commence.

I’m not bragging about having predicted this, what I’m telling you is that it was obvious from the start that this is what the Jewish media was trying to promote. In this recent video of the wanted blacks, he says “white folks, they don’t like black people.” This is something new, put out by the Jewish media.

Blacks have always disliked white people, generally, but for the most part, blacks haven’t really thought much about white people. The blacks have a completely parallel culture that is totally insular, and most of their lives are lived in their own “communities.” They go to all black schools, then live in all black neighborhoods, and they just viewed whites as some aspect of the environment. (I think a lot of whites don’t really understand just how insular these black areas are, because whites don’t go there.)

But what the Jews did with the George Floyd riots and all of that nonstop agitprop was frame whites as some kind of tribal enemy to the blacks. That’s a mechanism in the black mind that they were purposefully trying to provoke with all of this material about how “racist” whites are trying to hurt black people, and they wanted to do that to create a situation of nonstop black attacks on white people. That was the definite goal, which is why they were also trying to weaken and discredit the police.

So now you are seeing the first signs of the fruits of their labor emerging.

This is why I told you to get out of the cities.

It’s going to get hot.