Memetic Monday: Special Tor Only Edition

Well, some group of Chinese Antifa race traitors spread a bunch of rumors about the site after that Buffalo shooting, and our domain was closed.

Very sad.

But you know what makes me happy?


We’ve got the best memes for you, folks – only on Tor. We’ll be back up somewhere in a day or two, of course, but for now: only the true ride or die niggas get these memes.

I had a bunch of long articles I was going to write, but I will wait until we’re back on the clearnet. Everyone should be using Tor, but of course they won’t. To be fair, a lot of people have iPhones as their main device, and you can’t really use Tor very easily on an iPhone. Frankly, iPhone forces coronavirus tracking now, so I would use an open source Android phone if I were you – the Android security is much better now anyway. But hey – this talk isn’t funny!

We came for funny!

This is my editor’s pick of the week:

And the runner up:

Here are the rest of your delicious memes.

Post-Credits Scene