Memetic Monday: Monday Comes But Once a Week…

Well, it’s Monday, the beginning of yet another important week, and you know what that means: time to get out in the streets and fight for black people masks vaccines the Ukraine abortions.

Current Thing is getting pretty exhausting. I’m actually thinking about taking up fentanyl.

No, just joking. I’ve been doing pretty good high on Jesus.

For all the tiresomeness of this lunatic Abortion War, it seems to be reminding people of Jesus.

And at least we can laugh about it.

This one didn’t really make me laugh.

Hit me right in the feels. I can’t remember that artist’s name, but he pumps them out. You all recognize his style.

This one was funnier but still… sad.

I don’t know why we’re starting with sad memes. Hold on. Let me try to go in a different direction here.

How about… this!

Yeah, that hits the spot.

And how about a little of…


Feeling much better now.

This is the official editor’s pick of the week:

I honestly can’t tell if that is making fun of a leftist meme or it’s an actual leftist meme, but either way, it made me laugh more than any of the other memes (don’t worry, they’re all much funnier than that one – editor’s picks have to be unique and avant-garde in order to make me seem interesting).

Here’s the runner up.

And the runner up’s runner up.

I’m about as bullish on Big Floppa as I’ve ever been on any memes.

And here, dear friends – here is the primo collection.