ELECTION LIVE: 2020 Unfolds Before Your Very Eyes! [BACK UP – WE DIDN’T WIN YET]









I’ve been watching the stream.

We are not in a very good situation now. I thought we had it but then things started going south. We have lost Arizona






By the way, yes I am on board with No Nut November, and I will be writing about it in the next couple days.

So, don’t jack off or have sex.


This black bitch is saying…

But how to they figure out the votes of people who voted early?

Through phone polls?

This sounds like a complete hoax!

Don’t trust the exit polls!




This is racist.


It’s a good thing Twitter’s censorship board (“Safety Board”) is run by Jews and not Russians.

If Russians were attempting to control the election like these Jews are, it would be against our democracy.

But Jews manipulating an election is what democracy is all about.


Jew women stir up unneeded hysteria among white women over this election (by pretending to be white women who share the concerns of white women) and then encourage them to use drugs as a way to deal with the stress they’ve induced in them.

This is reason #6,000,193 why so many Christians think it is time to get these Jews out of our country once and for all.

They have Israel, they should go live there.


This is a British Labour politician:

The Jews said that Russians allegedly making tweets like that in 2016 was “election meddling.”

Robert Mueller established a precedent which means that no one other than Americans are allowed to comment on the election on the internet. But that precedent is of course not being enforced.


Me and the boys did our own little event earlier today.


I’ve seen Roots and I don’t really even understand what this means.

Someone call Dinesh D’Souza!

Nah but for serious – liberals don’t really care about blacks, they just use them as a tool of power. But that is not the Dinesh analysis, which is totally bizarre and completely wrong.


That’s herpes.

And that’s the face Patton Oswalt makes when he’s planning to kill yet another wife (allegedly).



Can’t have anyone calling the election…!

(The Gamer Uprising forum was down earlier today too, due to weird reasons which could have been a result of meddling. But it’s back up now.)


The only reason the stock market would be up is if money people think Trump is going to win.


Even fat 50-something women crave being the center of attention.


NYT announced that no one but them can declare victory in the election.

This comes after a Biden staffer said that “under no circumstances will Trump be allowed” to declare victory on election night. He had some funny comments about that in the above Fox & Friends interview.





Katy Perry getting out the vote.

…while in clownface.




Again, the media, which keeps saying this election is the most serious thing that ever happened, is making it into a joke over at Buzzfeed with the “voter intimidation listicle.”

By the way, there is no voter intimidation at the polls, that is actually an insane claim, but when they casually write a listicle about it, it makes it seem that the issue is so well understood that it can just be casually discussed, which makes it seem more real.

How very Jewish.

40-something Jew woman trying to be sexy.


This Jew wrote an article about the thing I wrote about earlier today, the ADL prank call hoax, accusing Trump of calling a Jew a liar:

But hey – he was lying!

To retraction or apology to Trump from Buzzfeed Jews!

(By the way, that Buzzfeed article contains the clip of Trump confronting the lying Jew, which I couldn’t find when I wrote the thing earlier. Also, yes, I get that technically, that Jew probably didn’t know it was a hoax when he asked the question, but neither did Trump accuse him specifically of lying. Also, that Jew would have had a sense that it was a hoax, as he’s a media Jew who understands how that little racket works.)


Anti-social distancing at the polls:

Masked vote sorters:

I can’t take it anymore.



Chris Cillizza is anal cancer.

Why do they do these comedy routines? Aren’t they supposed to be straight news. If they’re going to do comedy routines, why do they not hire funny people to do them?

Is the point “it’s somewhat serious because the guy making the jokes isn’t really funny and is actually just sad and repulsive”?

Even so, isn’t this supposed to be like, the most serious thing in history, because Trump is Hitler Reborn?


Is this fake news?

Surely, no one is this stupid?

NBC News:

Republican voters fearing a potential Joe Biden presidency are taking some solace in the belief that a newly conservative Supreme Court with Justice Amy Coney Barrett will restrain Democratic ambitions.

Some of President Donald Trump’s supporters believe the new 6-3 majority of Republican appointees will be a bulwark against a Biden administration’s attempts to move the country in a more progressive direction.

“We have no fears because there’s a conservative Supreme Court now,” said Cynthia Manville of Buckeye, Arizona, who attended a Trump rally in Phoenix last Wednesday. “We feel if Democrats cast legislation that’s radical liberal, it wouldn’t stand the test of time.”

“God has a certain way of watching over this country,” said Manville, who attended with her husband, Steve, both of them wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats.

Idiot woman shouldn’t say God’s Name.

GOD said that he’s going to burn down Babylon in a single day.

Biden has made it very clear that he’s going to stack the court by refusing to answer as to whether he is going to stack the court. If he wasn’t going to stack the court, he would just say “no, I’m not going to do that.”

What’s more, he could say he’s not going to do it and then do it anyway, if he waited a year or so after getting elected. He’s not saying he won’t because he’s planning to make it a first year agenda.

Furthermore, the alleged “conservative” SCOTUS isn’t even good. Look how they screwed Trump on this election counting.

By the way:

I’ve got a thing in the works to write about that guy. He writes 2/3rd of the front page articles on NBC, and he makes just crazy errors nonstop. I have records of him making serious errors in headlines and they never get corrected. It’s absolute affirmative action journalism.



It’s a relief that the day has finally come.

White people experience misery before it happens and often it doesn’t even end up happening.

I’ve played all of these nightmare scenarios out in my mind since February. I’ve lived with them. Living with them, thinking about them, has been worse than having them actually happen in a lot of ways.

It’s a bad habit to think too much about the future. But it’s virtually impossible to not do it. Since I’ve become more religious, it’s helped, but I’m far from being able to put this stuff out of my mind.

So for me, and I’m sure for a lot of you, win or lose, it will be a major relief to have this day finally over.

I will say this: things have never looked better than they do today. This whole year, there have been so many questions about how this day would look, and going into it now, it looks very good. I believe without doubt we are going to win. But there is some question as to whether or not Trump will stay president after we win.


ABC News has a good and interesting interactive map feature that you can use to plot out your own scenarios.

Here’s the FiveThirtyEight scenario on their map:

You can click the side and show the states as red or blue, and get the resulting electoral votes.

It’s a neat feature.

The FiveThirtyEight map is insane, by the way.

The most insane thing is that people are taking these Jews seriously after they had a similar map to the above for the 2016 election.


Trump began the day with Fox and Friends.

The man does not seem even a little bit worried, and that comforts me.


Hoaxster cunt Birx is out campaigning against Trump.

The Guardian:

White House scientific adviser Dr Deborah Birx warned the United States is entering a new “deadly phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, and urged an “aggressive” approach to containing its spread.

Birx gave the warning in a written memo delivered to top administration officials Monday. It is a direct contradiction of one of Donald Trump’s central, and false, closing campaign messages – that the US is “rounding the corner” on the pandemic.

“We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic,” Birx wrote in the memo, first reported by the Washington Post.

She continued: “Cases are rapidly rising in nearly 30% of all USA counties, the highest number of county hotspots we have seen with this pandemic. Half of the United States is in the red or orange zone for cases despite flat or declining testing.”

The memo came as Trump gathered hundreds at in-person rallies in key swing states, and warned that his political rival Joe Biden would lock down the country again.

“This is not about lockdowns – it hasn’t been about lockdowns since March or April,” Birx said. “It’s about an aggressive, balanced approach that is not being implemented.”

Imagine the nerve of these disgusting people. They get where they are because of Trump, then they stab him in the back for Bill Gates, their master.


This is on the front page of Reuters:

Most of those are Laura Loomer signs.

They wanted a picture of mass signs spammed everywhere, and they ended up with Loomer signs.

She exploited the entire remaining MAGA internet to spam her signs for her. It was quite a campaign.

I actually hope she wins. It would be hilarious. She’s not going to win, but it would be so funny.


Fraudulent ballots were upheld in Texas.


A federal judge in Texas on Monday denied a bid by Republicans to throw out about 127,000 votes already cast in the U.S. presidential election at drive-through voting sites in Houston, a Democratic-leaning area.

The plaintiffs had accused Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins, a Democrat, of acting illegally when he allowed drive-through voting as an alternative during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a written order, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen said the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case and waited too long to sue.

“To disenfranchise over 120,000 voters who voted as instructed the day before the scheduled election does not serve the public interest,” the judge wrote, adding that drive-through early voting was permissible under Texas law.

Remember: we need a landslide or we’re gonna have to deal with a bunch of dumb crap.

Every single judge in this country is against America.

They are as likely to side with Trump as they are to go against Bezos.

That is to say: there is a 0% chance.



The Jew media is spamming this “Trumpers attack Jew graves” story.

I wrote about it here – I’m certain it’s yet another anti-Trump hoax in a long line of Jewish fake hate crimes designed to defame Christians.


The media is doing silly crap.

Biden only needs one of three states?


Longtime GOP pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz told CNBC on Tuesday he will be closely watching the results in North Carolina, Florida and Ohio, describing the trio of states as key bellwethers in determining the election outcome between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“If Donald Trump wins all three of them, he’s going to be in this,” Luntz said on “Squawk Box,” as Americans who haven’t already voted go to the polls on Election Day. “If Biden wins even one of those three, it’s Biden’s presidency,” Luntz added.

Biden holds slight leads over Trump in Florida and North Carolina, but the president is within striking distance, according to the CNBC/Change Research poll released Monday. The survey did not include Ohio, which Trump won in the 2016 election by 8 points. He also took Florida and North Carolina en route to an upset victory four years ago.

This is just crap – Biden isn’t close to winning any of those three states. And this is based on a very specific map anyway, and if Trump loses one, it in no way spells doom.


NYT’s Frank Bruni is the true anal Satan, calling upon pagan gods to help Joe Biden.

So very confident, they are.

It really makes you wonder what kind of fraud they’ve got planned, no?


Final pitches from both candidates:

Trump can’t really offer much in terms of canceling the pandemic hoax, but he’s basically done the old wink wink. “Fire Fauci” is codeword for “replace him with Scott Atlas and cancel the entire hoax.”


The National Guard is being called in to stop rioting, looting Trump supporters.

Boston Herald:

One day ahead of the presidential election, Gov. Charlie Baker has called up 1,000 members of the National Guard as a precaution in the event of “large-scale” protests on election night.

“There is no indication of any public safety risk in Massachusetts. Just as the Administration does for all major events, we have made additional resources available should local leaders request them,” Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Secretary Thomas Turco.

Guardsman will be available to assist local officials in efforts to maintain public safety or protect opportunities to exercise first amendment rights, according to a press release.

The Baker administration has enacted similar orders in recent months following unrest in the wake of high-profile police killings. None have required any Guard operations/ The Guard was last put into service on June 1 following the eruption of violence after protests over the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

“At this time we are aware of no specific or credible threats to election sites in Massachusetts,” State Police Colonel Christopher Mason said in a statement. “We continue to monitor all available intelligence and will maintain an enhanced operational posture for Election Day and beyond, and will be prepared to assist in any situations that arise in order to protect public safety and the rights of all our citizens.”

State and local police have stepped up staffing levels on and following Election Day, according to the announcement.

White supremacist riots.

This is Trump’s America.