Media: Retard Mutant Freakout at the UN Leads to Positive Outcome for the Globalist Jewish Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

Greta the retarded girl pictured marching against bad weather with her new boyfriend T-Dawg.

According to the Jewish media, the broadcast of the mutated retarded girl Greta Thunberg having a psychotic freakout at the UN on Monday was good for the Jewish agenda.

However, there obviously is no way to measure that just yet. Of course, the whole media is saying “stunning and brave” and trying to drive that into the heads of the stupid goyim, and aggressively punishing people who say that that video we saw was a grotesque freakshow portraying a mentally and emotionally unstable retarded girl being exploited.

But we all saw this video.

And it is a video that no one can unsee.

It is a retarded girl having a complete breakdown, and a room full of adult professionals, people involved in running the governments of the world, pretending that this is a good thing.

Any person of conscience recognizes this as abuse of the mentally retarded, which in a sane world would result in this girl being taken away from her parents by the state and put in some kind of institution.

This is the ultimate “emperor has no clothes” situation.


The UN’s climate summit has closed amidst cautious praise for its achievements, and bitter condemnation for its failures.

On the plus side, more than 60 nations announced they were working on or exploring plans to reduce greenhouse gas to virtually zero.

And a similar number said they would definitely boost their climate change ambitions by next year.

On the minus side, the campaigner Greta Thunberg blasted leaders for what she called inadequate ambition that risked the future of the young.

Germany’s pledge, for instance, was described by critics as totally unfit to meet carbon-cutting targets it’s already promised.

And scientists will warn on Tuesday of alarming changes in the natural world, including melting ice and sea level rise beyond previous projections.

So it’s possible to describe the UN summit as a cup half full, or a cup three-quarters empty.

That said, there were very clear signs that around the world people are waking up to the threat of an over-heating climate.

India, China and the EU say they will deliver tougher carbon-curbing plans in 2020.

Major ports, banks and shipping lines are committing to “a moon shot” of net zero carbon shipping by 2030.

Finland aims to become the first industrialised nation to absorb more carbon than it emits.

Pakistan, which has planted a billion trees in the last five years, pledged to add 10 billion in the next five.

And Greece said it would ban single-use plastics by 2021 and phase out its use of the dirtiest coal by 2028.

Critics applauded the efforts but said commitments from major nations were nowhere near what was needed to stabilise the climate.

We’ll see how this goes.

But I’m thinking that the entire global warming agenda is going to be associated with this disgusting retard abuse video for a while and that people are going to be kind of turned off by it.

Global Warming Hoax Supported Primarily by Women

Men, in particular, of course, are going to be disgusted by both the concept of retard exploitation and Greta herself.

Though the gender ratio is not as extreme as it was during the 2015 protests demanding that millions upon millions of blacks and Arabs be allowed to march into Europe, these global warming protests and riots are still overwhelmingly female.

If you removed other immigrants, then the percentage of female protesters in the “WE WANT BLACK COCK” marches of 2015 was at least 85%, possibly as high as 95%.

These climate protests appear to be about 70% female. Though many of the photos are of protests which took place on a weekday during school hours, and the government allowed the children out of school to take part in these protests demanding higher taxes (they did it for moral reasons, goyim). And I’m not gonna lie – if I was a teenage boy given the option to skip school, I’d probably do it for any reason. Especially when all the girls are out at the protests.

But even with this factor offsetting the ratio, many of the photos do not seem to contain men.

Even among the small children, it’s mostly girls. So probably some of the boys are like “this is gay, no.”

Regardless – I would not be shocked to find that some women are actually bothered by this use of a violently unstable retarded girl as a political prop.

The Jury is Out on “Retards for Better Weather”

We’ll just have to wait and see, but I do not think that global warming is going to be more popular because of the Grimy Greta meltdown.

Orange Man’s response to the disgusting little retard girl was very funny.

That’s really all you can say.

The video of this retarded girl having a psychotic meltdown, and the media and political response to it, will absolutely be right up there with sending homosexuals in dresses and devil horns to molest children at the library when historians of the future look upon the early decades of the third millennium AD with shock and horror.

If I’m right about the way the public feels about this freak, you’re never going to see the studies showing that people are disgusted by her. You’ll see what you saw with David Hogg – he was everywhere, and then he was just gone, because the media and the government did their own analysis and found that people were disgusted by him and he was hurting the agenda.

My prediction is that Greta is about to become about as interesting to the media as Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death.