McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Others to Cease Giving Russians Diabetes

Liesman is a shockingly honest name for a journalist

These Jewish junk food companies probably killed more Russians in the past 30 years than died in WWII.

But they don’t get any credit from Biden, do they?


McDonald’s and Starbucks are shutting their restaurants and cafes in Russia, and Coca-Cola is suspending its operations there in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. PepsiCo is also pulling some products from the country.

“McDonald’s has decided to temporarily close all our restaurants in Russia and pause all operations in the market,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said in a statement Tuesday.

There were 847 locations of McDonald’s in Russia at the close of last year, according to an investor document.

Globally, most McDonald’s (MCD) locations are operated by franchise operators. But that’s not the case in Russia, where 84% of locations are operated by the company, according to the document. Russia’s restaurants, along with another 108 in Ukraine, all operated by McDonald’s, accounted for 9% of the company’s revenue in 2021, according to the document.

I don’t understand how any multinational corporation can simply drop 9% of its revenue for a social-signaling project.

Apparently, they feared that Western boycotts would do more than 9% damage?

McDonald’s is a publicly traded company.

I guess the shareholders made this decision?

“In Russia, we employ 62,000 people who have poured their heart and soul into our McDonald’s brand to serve their communities. We work with hundreds of local, Russian suppliers and partners who produce the food for our menu and support our brand,” Kempczinski said. “And we serve millions of Russian customers each day who count on McDonald’s. In the thirty-plus years that McDonald’s has operated in Russia, we’ve become an essential part of the 850 communities in which we operate.”

But, he added, “at the same time, our values mean we cannot ignore the needless human suffering unfolding in Ukraine.”

Farryl Bertmann, a registered dietitian and senior lecturer in the nutrition and food sciences department at the University of Vermont, warned that if big food companies leave Russia entirely the citizen population could suffer, even if they have other sources of food.

“I feel very strongly that people should be given the opportunity to purchase a variety of foods at different price points,” she said. “That can only be successfully done if access is there.”

She said that “ultimately, foods need to be made available,” adding, “I would be very concerned if the food environment [were] to dramatically change.”

Yes. People need to eat food. That’s one thing we can all agree on.

However, I don’t think they need to eat McDonald’s.

This doesn’t really even make any sense from any point of view, other than shitlib outrage culture.

Imagine that there are people who still think that the world is just all about the money.

“The man just wants you to work and consume, because that’s how they make their profit.”

Russia is going to be turned into a paradise with all of these Western companies pulling out.

They are going to get back their culture, something that Americanization has basically stolen from every nation on earth.

You know the thing.

McDonald’s is a universal symbol of the global Americanization, that is to say, the global Jewish consumerist culture based on psychologically manipulative and abusive marketing techniques.

Buddhist monks are seen eating McDonald’s in the Rammstein video.

Another major symbol of this global uniculture is Coca-Cola, which is also mentioned in the Rammstein song.

And Mickey Mouse is mentioned. Disney is also pulling out of Russia.