Maybe Marilyn Manson Can Become a Religious Christian and Make People Even Angrier?

Marilyn Manson created a satanic panic in the 1990s by making semi-ironic semi-overtly satanic music. It was schlock, but as I’ve aged, I’ve started to think that satanic schlock is still satanic. I don’t think the moms complaining understood that it was schlock, but their instincts were right.

The videos are actually artistically good, with a Phil Tippett vibe. I don’t think that anyone, Christian or otherwise, can say they weren’t fun videos.

He basically did to metal music what Blink 182 did to punk music, turning it into cartoony, radio friendly melodic pop, which was a musical achievement that went beyond shock and schlock.

I think the music was inarguably a bad influence of teenagers. I don’t think it ever outright encouraged satanism, like a lot of 1990s metal music, but it did encourage nihilism and drug use. That was framed inside of a superficial critique of MTV celebrity culture.

He’ll always have a place in my heart for just pissing off huge numbers of people and then laughing about it.

However, it was not good.

But we pray for redemption for everyone.

Last year, he was attending Kanye West’s Sunday Service events, and praying to Jesus.

More recently, he’s been accused of beating an allegedly Jewish girlfriend with an authentic Nazi whip, which is about as based as it gets.

There is room for Marilyn Manson to become the bad guy again for a new age – but a good bad guy. A Christian who beats Jews with Nazi whips.

If Manson is going to prayer services, there must be something in him that wants to repent. If he were to publicly repent, while also saying that Jew bitch deserved the Nazi whip, and his only regret was fornicating with her, he can become a new villain of an evil age (i.e., a hero).

“Marilyn Manson has confessed Jesus Christ and also said that Jews deserve to be beaten with Nazi whips” would be an epic storyline in the midst of a series of storylines that are very boring.

People will read this and talk about how Marilyn Manson is satanic and so on. Well, the goal of Christianity is to bring all of our lost sheep home. That is literally the purpose of the religion. The worse a person was in their past life, the more meaningful the return to the Lord is.

There is no one who is beyond salvation. That is the message of Christ. It is for everyone, no matter what they’ve done.

I’m praying for Marilyn Manson, and you should be too.