Mass Shooting Again in Texas: Black Sets Houses on Fire, Shoot People as They Run Out – 3 Dead

It’s shocking that everyone is going insane. It’s shocking because no one could have predicted it.

Fox News:

A suspected gunman reportedly set fire to several residences in Houston early Sunday and began shooting people as they escaped the flames, killing three before police shot and killed the shooter, authorities said.

Firefighters and police responded just after 1 a.m. to 8020 Dunlap Street, which Houston Police Chief Troy Finner described as a residence that rents out multiple rooms.

Finner said the suspect, identified as a Black man in his 40s who was armed with a shotgun, set fire to the residences and waited for the occupants to escape outside before firing on them.

“I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen before in 32 years, and it’s happened time and time again,” Finner said. “We just ask that the community come together.”

I don’t know where you’ve been, buddy. This stuff happens all the time now. There was one of these exact “set the house on fire and shoot everyone as they’re running out” events just a couple months ago.

Everyone has gone completely insane, pushed over the edge primarily by the coronavirus hoax, but also by these black race hoaxes, child trannies, constant threats of starting World War III for ridiculous and unclear purposes – just all of this completely nonsensical gibberish going on all the time everywhere is taking its toll.

Of course, this is going to be worse for the blacks, who were already a bunch of violent maniacs.

And yes – it looks like the victims were white, from the photos of people crying being posted:

Frankly, I predicted that things would get much worse on the mental health front. They are getting a lot worse, quickly, but they’re not as bad as I would have suspected they would be by now. People are actually holding themselves together, somehow. I don’t know how. I’m sure all the drugs people are on help.

And I hear a lot of people are playing the new Spider-Man game like 30 hours a day and trying to beat every single challenge. It’s better than committing a mass shooting!

Why doesn’t the government just give blacks free PlayStations? Video games are proven to cut down on black crime.


There was also a shooting in Coney Island, but it looks like a standard young black gang thing, rather than a weird 40-something black house fire killing thing.

Some kinds of black crimes are not even really worth mentioning, because they just happen all the time. It looks like one of those. But it is headline news, so maybe white people got shot or the shooter is white. I don’t know. Whatever.