“Masks Won’t Help You, Goy”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

Of all the stupid, dumb, retarded shit that has been said during this Coronavirus situation, “masks won’t help” has to be the ultimate dumb statement.

Some fake news outlets, such as Forbes, were going so far as to tell people they would be MORE LIKELY TO GET INFECTED if they wore masks!

Does that make sense to you?

On the face of it?

Wouldn’t someone logically ask “then why do these masks even exist?”

Here’s the truth about masks:

If the US would have implemented full-mask protocol, and also engaged in a few other basic measures, such as widespread testing, and nationalizing healthcare services, we would not be in this idiotic and bizarre “shut it all down” situation.

I have stated clearly that I think that doing nothing at all would have been better than doing what we did, but there were reasonable options that worked fine in Asian countries which were skipped over in favor of American-style mass hysteria.

Masks OBVIOUSLY reduce risk for infection. They can say all they want that “oh well, there are sides on the mask, and things can go in through the sides.” But this is the same argument as “oh well, if you build a wall, some percentage of people will climb over it.”

Just as building a wall will reduce X % of illegal immigrants, wearing a mask will reduce X % of respiratory infections. Moreover, a mask more or less completely blocks a cough or sneeze, thus preventing you from spreading anything you might have to other people. That is why China mandated the wearing of masks.

So why did the US government and media lie about the use of masks?

Well, their official excuse is that they didn’t want to run out of masks. That is the official explanation that the New York Times itself is giving for this kook claim that blocking 90+% of incoming particulates, and virtually 100% of outgoing particulates, was not a good idea in the midst of a respiratory viral pandemic.

The US government is utterly incompetent, so it is possible and probable that they legitimately had no ability to provide enough masks for people. After all, there are no factories in America – those are all in China.

Smooth move on that one, globalists.

But I think there could likely be another reason.

If you wear a mask, especially accompanied with sunglasses, it makes it virtually impossible for a facial recognition camera to identify you.

China is claiming that they now have technology to identify people wearing masks, but it isn’t 100%, and if you add the sunglasses, you are virtually invisible to these cameras.

Facial recognition is a big part of the US Government’s plan to manage this multicultural hellscape that they’ve created. The plan is to have a Chinese-style system, but not have it be public and transparent in the way China’s social credit system is public and transparent. They are simply building massive files on people and tracking their every move in secret.

In Asia, after SARS and several other viruses, it became the norm for a large percentage of the population to just wear face masks as a matter of basic attire.

They even made them into a part of their fashion.

The West doesn’t want to deal with the normalization of face masks. And I suspect that is a big reason why they came out with this über-bold lie about how “masks don’t help with the spread of respiratory infections lol.”

We are already living in a hellish scifi dystopia.

They just haven’t told you yet.