Masks Don’t Do Anything, But the US is in Desperate Need of 3.5 Billion of Them from China

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

Masks don’t work, according to the Jewish media. They are literally completely pointless and no one even knows why they were invented.

But we need to convince our great nemesis China to send us 3.5 billion of them for some reason no one can explain.

New York Times:

American front-line medical personnel are running desperately short of masks and protective equipment as they battle the coronavirus outbreak. China, already the world’s largest producer of such gear by far, has ramped up factory output and is now signaling that it wants to help.

Reaching deals won’t be easy. Increasingly acrimonious relations between Washington and Beijing are complicating efforts to get Chinese-made masks to American clinics and hospitals. A breakdown over the last few days in the global business of moving goods by air around the world will make it costly and difficult as well.

At heart, the two countries, which only recently reached a truce in President Trump’s trade war, have some similar problems. Both face harsh questions over their missteps in responding to the outbreak. Washington and Beijing make handy foils for each other — and essential protective gear could get caught in the middle unless they reach an understanding.

The Trump administration is signaling it isn’t too proud to buy Chinese masks, gowns, goggles and other equipment. At the same time, said Peter Navarro, a senior Trump administration trade official, it will object to any Chinese effort to turn deliveries into fodder for propaganda that would bolster China’s image at home and abroad.

“My job at the White House right now is to help find whatever the American people need and buy it from wherever we can, and if we need to send a plane to go get it, we’ll get that done using the full force of government and private enterprise,” Mr. Navarro said in an interview.

“If China or any other country has some masks, gloves or other products we need for the American people, we welcome that with open arms,” he said. “What we don’t need is some kind of propaganda exercise during a crisis that the actions of the Chinese Communist Party have made far more serious than it otherwise would have been.”

American officials have estimated that the country would need 3.5 billion masks to cope with a yearlong pandemic. Local health officials in the United States say nurses, doctors and other responders face hazards to their own health as infections mount.

Again, we’re back to that alleged Chinese propaganda document.

Would it not be objectively heroic for China to give us masks?

Propaganda is best when it is based on the truth, is it not?

I am starting to feel like I would rather be ruled over by these Chinese than the Jews. At least the Chinese don’t lie to you about the efficiency of face masks because they want you to be infected with a deadly virus.

I mean, if white people can’t run their own countries – and the evidence is that they either can’t or they won’t – then I’d prefer the Chinese to the Jews. No question. At least the Chinese are straight-shooters and not as weird and sadistic as these Jews.