Martial Arts Expert Reveals the Five Simple Rape Moves Every Man Should Know

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2019


The Daily Mail published a piece that looks into effective rape-attack techniques and the common ways in which women may defend against them (endorsed by an expert martial artist) so that men can plan for it and effectively counter-attack to achieve their sick, rapey goals.

As the saying goes, “don’t tell women what to wear, teach men how to rape.”

Daily Mail:

A martial arts expert has broken down some of the simplest ways to defend yourself against a predator or stranger.

Chris Coles, 63, from the Sydney Self Defence Centre said learning martial arts can be vitally important for personal protection and to inspire confidence in yourself.

Mr Coles said attacks on both women and men can be wild, unexpected and claims his techniques can end up causing less harm to both the victim and the attacker.

To test the effectiveness of these techniques the Daily Mail Australia decided to run through some common situations you might encounter in public or at home.

Rear Choke Hold

Also known as the headlock, this manoeuvre is commonly used to forcibly take control of a person’s movements and even force them to loose consciousness if they are held tight enough.

Pretty good general purpose rape technique, yeah.

Below is a description of how women may defend against it so that rapists know what to expect.

Mr Coles said to keep in mind that if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may need to be strike them several times to be effective.

Step one: Lock down on their arm around your neck with your closest elbow to clear your airway as you and drop your weight lower.

Step two: Use your free hand to drive your fingers into their eyes.

Step three: Use you elbow to ram the person in the crotch three times – this is effective on both men and women.

Step four: Grab their shirt, hair or whatever you can and pull them down as the now surprised attacker opens up their arms and allows you to spin away.

The rest of the article follows the same format. The rape technique is presented first, then the alleged way in which women may defend against it.

Front Choke With a Punch

Similar to the first attack, this aggressive hold can stop a person from breathing and moving as the other person throws a punch with their other hand.

Mr Coles said it is important that the supposed victim in the situation uses a kick to the groin as even a woman’s typically shorter leg will overcome the reach of a man’s arm.

Supposed victim.”

Yeah, I get it.

Step one: Put a defensive arm up on the side the punch is coming from by placing your hand against your ear.

Step two: Step back.

Step three: Push up on the elbow of the arm they are choking you with.

Step four: Kick them in the groin.

Step five: Put your hands up to protect yourself.

Hair Pulling

A common assault on women is being pulled aggressively by the hair, either as a method of control or intimidation.

Hair-pulling is a great all-in-one technique that also turns them on.

The head martial artist said the first reaction that many people have is to pull against the hand holding the hair, but this will only anger the attacker and hurt yourself more.

Step one: Grab where the pain is, not the hand, to stop your hair being pulled out – if they grab you by the roots grab their hand.

Step two: Turn towards them.

Step three: Use the tips of your fingers to strike their eyes, punch them in the throat,  kick them in the groin or knee until they let go.

Step four: Put your hands up to protect yourself and run away if you can.

Shirt Grabbing

Grabbing people by the shirt can be used to throw, intimidate or to hold someone while they throw a punch so it is important you act quickly.

Mr Coles warns that for women this may play out differently as they are can grabbed  roughly by their breasts to shock the victim into submission.

He said a common mistake is what he calls ‘mirroring’, where the person will simply grab the other person’s shirt or hands but will be unable to break away.

Step one: Move with their weight, if you feel them pulling you walk towards them as it takes away their power

Step two: Step back.

Step three: Pull their elbow downwards at the joint.

Step four: You step back, pull their elbow down.

Step five: Control their weight by pulling them down by their hair, shirt or whatever you can.

Over Arm Grab 

This grab can often be used by surprised as a show of force but can be broken out of with surprising ease.

One ineffective method that is commonly taught Mr Coles said is to drop down through the attacker’s hands, however if they are holding tight enough this will not work.

‘Most people the first thing they do is they freeze up and question why, why are they doing this? You don’t have time for that,’ Mr Coles said.

Step one: This action needs to be explosive – sink down and push forwards with you arms.

Step two: At the same time push your hips back against them – therefore creating a small amount of space between the attacker and their hands.

Step three: Use the distance and take one of your hands to twist to strike them in the groin three times.

Step four: Turn around with your hands up to protect yourself, throw in a kick if there is not enough distance between you.

Plenty of information there.

Women love getting all rough-and-tumble with men, so they’re guaranteed to get wet while resisting using the techniques described above, and rapists are guaranteed to succeed if they know the most likely ways women may “defend” against their attacks.