Martha’s Vineyard Bursting at the Seams After DeSantis Flooded Them with Mexicans

Frankly, this thing of sending illegal immigrants to liberal cities is not cute.

However, sending them to Martha’s Vineyard is funnier than sending them to DC or New York. Furthermore, the media doesn’t show Martha’s Vineyard enough – people don’t know that the liberal elite of America live in an idyllic all-white town that is an embodiment of the 1950s archetype of a perfect American town.

It’s good at the very least that pictures of this town are being shown everywhere now. The liberal elite is not actually into living in diversity with a bunch of crackhead black people, Mexican gangs, and screaming Somalian hordes. They want to live where we all wanted to live – in a peaceful and beautiful middle class neighborhood* with classic architecture and lots of trees.

So, although I was critical of this yesterday, I think we can say that it is much better than what Greg Abbott has been doing, shipping Mexicans to Chicago where they immediately have some place to put them, and a few dozen people make no difference.

New York Post:

The posh liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard has been thrown into chaos by the arrival of two planeloads of migrants sent there by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, according to local reports.

Roughly 50 migrants were flown to the famed Massachusetts island — constituting what the local tourism board called a “humanitarian crisis’’ Thursday.

“This is an ongoing situation,’’ wrote a county emergency-management rep in a statement, noting that local authorities “are actively collaborating to develop a coordinated regional response.

“We have reached out to our State and Federal partners for additional and long term support and assistance.’’

Some local pols learned  about the new arrivals during a Wednesday night meeting of the West Tisbury Select Board — with Town Administrator Jennifer Rand saying she’d been receiving “furious texts” from residents, the MV Times reported.

“I’m a little unclear about the situation, as is everybody, because everybody is scrambling a bit,” Rand said.

Rand said the migrants were headed to the St. Andrews Church in Edgartown and might be given short-term housing at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s “Ag Hall.”

But that won’t work for long because it doesn’t have beds or showers, she said, adding that feeding the migrants could be difficult, too, because the Martha’s Vineyard Red Cross was “not participating” in the official response.

In a prepared statement Thursday, the Red Cross said it’s “been in contact with local emergency management, and while we have not yet been asked to provide any local support, we stand ready to do that.”

Lisa Belcastro, the coordinator for the Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter, called the emergency housing arrangements for migrants a “stop-gap.” She suggested they will eventually need to be moved to a different location.

“At some point in time they have to move from here to somewhere else,” Belcastro told local news outlets. “We cannot, we do not, have the services to take care of 50 immigrants.”

Yeah, 50 is not very many. Now would be a great time for Greg Abbott to hit them with 300-500 more.

She noted the island is already tight on housing.

“We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island,” Belcastro said. “So we don’t, we can’t, house everyone here that lives here and works here.”

One snarky Twitter user quipped, “A quick Air BNB search came up with 297 homes currently avaliable. I’m sure they have a lot of empty summer homes avalible.”

She noted the island is already tight on housing.

“We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island,” Belcastro said. “So we don’t, we can’t, house everyone here that lives here and works here.”

One snarky Twitter user quipped, “A quick Air BNB search came up with 297 homes currently avaliable. I’m sure they have a lot of empty summer homes avalible.”

Beth Folcarelli, chief executive officer of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, told the Vineyard Gazette that the migrants “came with folders with a pamphlet with our information.

“We don’t have refugee services, I had no idea about any of this,” she said.

“I only found out because one of them gave me their folder.”

Okay, I’m not gonna lie – giving them tourist pamphlets is mega kek.

It’s also very funny that there is only one Mexican in the entire town – a high school girl they had to bring in for emergency translation services.

Local high-school senior Maria Sanchez Roa, who was born in Colombia, said she was recruited to serve as an emergency translator.

“I was home watching Princess Diana videos when my mom burst through the door and told me to go to the high school,” she said.

“I’m here because I’m a Hispanic kid who speaks Spanish.”


Yes, that is why you’re here.

A Massachusetts State Rep, Dylan Fernandes, flew into the town to take gang selfies with the illicit Mexicans.

Why would he take a picture throwing up gang signs like that?

I guess nobody thought to tell him “hey bro, if you’re going to take selfies, get that teenage translator bitch to tell the spics not to throw up gang signs, as that would look really bad.”

Whatever. I don’t know. I don’t care.

Frankly, at this point, there are so many of these people in our country that it doesn’t even matter anymore. Regardless of what happens, tens of millions of people are going to need to be physically removed from America, and whether it is 50 million or 150 million doesn’t really matter. What matters is simply having the political will to do it. The specific number of busloads it will take to get rid of them is basically irrelevant.

I’ve been saying that since Joe Biden got elected and just totally opened the border, and people have come at me and said “oh well, it will be easier to get them out if there are fewer” and it’s like – why? If we’re doing round-ups and we’re running buses back and forth to Mexico, why does it matter how many there are?

Say it is $1,000 to remove an immigrant. Deporting 50 million will cost 50 billion, deporting 150 million will cost 150 billion. Joe Biden is printing trillions and trillions of dollars. The numbers are irrelevant at this point, because right now, we can’t even deport 50 or 150 Mexicans.

At this point, immigration has become a distraction. People should be focused on the much more immediate problems – one of which is turning all our kids gay.

This Stunt

The goal of the stunt is to show that liberals are pushing these immigrants on the middle class and the poor, and that they don’t actually want to be around them personally. Basically, everyone already knows that, and all you’re doing by doing this is removing responsibility to deal with the problem yourself.

That said, Greg Abbott is doing his stunts so he doesn’t have to close the border, and DeSantis doesn’t have a border to close. And as stated, Martha’s Vineyard is a funnier destination than New York or Chicago.

It gave Tucker Carlson a platform for a pretty funny bit.

Still, it would be a lot better if these people were just being sent back to Mexico.

*No, Martha’s Vineyard is not “middle class” now, but that is because they have to price out diversity. In the 1950s, it would have been middle class in most of the town. It is largely modest single-family homes. The reason they cost millions of dollars is because there is no diversity on the island. Also, I guess the nearness to the ocean is going to raise prices.