Mark Esper Says Trump Wanted to Launch Missiles at Mexico



Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has shared in his soon-to-be-published memoirs that in 2020, concerned with increasing drug flows across the southern border, US President Donald Trump considered striking Mexican cartels by launching missiles at their drug laboratories, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

“They don’t have control of their own country. We could just shoot some Patriot missiles and take out the labs, quietly. No one would know it was us,” the former Pentagon boss quoted Trump as saying.

In 2020, US Customs and Border Protection reported the seizure of 706,800 lb (320 metric tons) of various drugs at the southern border. The Mexican government has been fighting the cartels for decades, and according to Justice in Mexico, a US-based activist group, in 2019 drug-related violence in Mexico claimed the lives of 34,588 people.

Mr. Esper was reportedly left all but speechless when the president shared his idea for combating drug crime in Mexico. The former official wrote that he would have thought it was a joke had he not been staring Mr. Trump in the face.

Yeah, and I’m sure if Trump had said to do it, he would have refused the order – just as all of these people were constantly refusing Trump’s orders.

The only thing Trump was allowed to win on was the deadly vaccine – with everything else, he was totally thwarted by his own supposed subordinates.

I don’t support Donald Trump, because he should have fought harder against these people. However, we need to learn from the failures of Trump: the lesson is that there is no possible way to just elect someone as president and change the system. There is in fact no way to change the system, at all.

The election of Donald Trump was a last-ditch effort to save the system, and it failed and that’s over. We need a much more extreme agenda now – we need some kind of push for secession. That’s the only solution. Either that, or the whole system collapses and basically everyone dies. Or we get nuked by Russia/China.

You can’t get Trump elected in 2024 anyway, because the voting is all rigged. But even if you did – you already know he’s not going to do anything, other than slightly hold back some of the most extreme stuff.

You’re not going to fix this by somehow taking over the federal government. So state and local elections are the only ones worth paying attention to.