Man Who Thinks Candy is Healthier Than Meat to Advise White House on Health and Nutrition

This is The Science at its peak

These people will tell your kids to eat sugar candy breakfast cereal.

They are literal cereal killers.

Daily Caller:

A renowned nutrition researcher, who is set to advise an upcoming White House conference on hunger and nutrition, previously released a study claiming that candy and cereal are healthier to eat than dietary staples like chicken and eggs.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and dean at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, has authored more than 450 scientific publications and is a co-chair of the task force Informing the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. He also reportedly believes Lucky Charms are healthier than a grilled chicken breast.

Mozaffarian lobbied for years for the White House to put on a new Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health after the first such event in 1969. In September, the Conference will happen, and Mozaffarian is leading a task force to provide recommendations and feedback to the White House on the event.

One of the primary achievements boasted by Mozaffarian and Tufts is the development of the “Food Compass” in 2021. It rates thousands of foods and beverages on a scale of 0-100 based on nine nutritional values. While the methodology behind the ratings appears to be objective and comprehensive, some critics have pointed out some odd rankings by the system.

Where’s the bug burger?

For instance, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have a rating of 30, while cooked ground beef has a rating of 26. Chocolate Lucky Charms, the sugary children’s breakfast cereal, has a rating of 69, while a skinless, sauce-less, grilled chicken breast has a rating of 61. An egg fried with cooking spray scores a 41, compared to a school lunch medium-crust pepperoni pizza scoring 48.

In addition to advising government officials and healthcare professionals across the world during his career, and developing the Food Compass, Mozaffarian is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has received funding from the foundation for at least four projects totaling at least $6 million, according to his CV.

Global warming is a hoax obviously, but the reason they are doing this windmill bullshit is that they want to save fossil fuels for the future. These people in Davos and Silicon Valley think they are going to use computer brain interfaces and nanotechnology to become immortal cyborgs*.

*Stop asking me about that. You can read Klaus Schwab’s books, or check on the WEF website, or really just read anything that comes out of Silicon Valley relating to keyword “emerging technologies,” and you can find as an absolute matter of fact that these people think they are going to live forever as cyborgs. This isn’t controversial, and there is no room for debate – they publish millions of pages on this topic. 

So, if there is any truth at all to peak oil (who the hell knows, they have definitely lied about when it will dry up, but maybe it will dry up at some point), it is logical they would make you use windmills instead of “fossil fuels.”

But why would they make you eat Lucky Charms and insects?

That seems to just be an act of sadism against the goyim.