Macron Says the Ukraine Can’t Defeat Russia, Negotiation Only Path to End Conflict

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Macron is off the rez!

The forces of Democracy, Most High, Most Holy have already decided as an absolute matter that there will be no negotiations! There will be only war! The Ukraine’s 1991 borders were drawn by the hand of God Himself, and they shall never falter!


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine “will only end at the negotiating table,” French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

Macron called for a “negotiated peace” between the neighbors during an interview on Thursday with BFM TV aboard his plane returning from the UN General Assembly session in New York.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said earlier this month that Moscow “didn’t reject” the idea of talks with Kiev, but warned that the longer the Ukrainian side delayed them, the harder it would be for common ground to be found.

Speaking about the Western role in the conflict in Ukraine, Macron insisted that “our duty is to hold our line.” And that line, according to him, is “helping Kiev to protect its territory and never to attack Russia.”

We are not at war with Russia,” the French president assured.

Macron underestimates the destructive power of weaponized old hags.

It’s all so goofy.

Why are there old women fighting in this war?

How is it that the left is now aggressively pro-war? They can’t even explain what this war is about, but they all support it as much as they support multinational pharmaceutical companies doing forced injections of an experimental gene therapy.